Two distinct memories in my childhood led to my passion of health and wellness. First, my mom asking for the “husky” section to find jeans for me. Second, was my dad cranking out pull-ups on those old school bars in the door jam. I knew I didn’t want to feel like the chubby kid in class again, and I knew I wanted to be strong! As I grew older, my interest in being athletic for sports and how the human brain worked increased which led me to a degree in Psychology and a career as a Health Coach and Master Trainer.

In my Wellness career I have been extremely lucky to work in a wide range of roles; working with various military branches, managing wellness programs for fortune 100 companies, health coaching in both clinical and private settings, and most fun of all working with kids of all ages in various sports performance camps. I truly have seen it all, and love the challenge of making sure each person’s experience is unique and beneficial to their needs. It is my goal to make my clients feel the same way I did...still do...about improving health and lifestyle.

In this phase of my career I could have chosen any company to work with, and I decided to team with MyBodyTutor because I believe in their tenets. The client and the coach working together to achieve the client’s goals, the accountability that both the client (showing up each day) and coach (working with each client as an individual) have, the emphasis on acquiring new healthy behaviors over quick fads, and incorporating mindfulness throughout the program are just a few of the reasons I am excited to be working with MyBodyTutor and looking forward to being your coach.

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