Mary Ann

My name is Mary Ann. I'm certified as a Habit Coach Professional as well as a Boxing Instructor. My passion to learn more about emotional eating led me to a certification in Emotional Eating Psychology.

If you looked up the definition of an emotional eater, my face would be there. My need to turn to food started as a child. When I was sick, I got food. When I was happy, I got food. Something amazing happened, let's eat. Something bad happened, let's eat. Eating was all I knew to help me get through each day.

How bad was it? I would eat 2000 to 3000 calories of junk food every morning at work because I couldn't stand my job. Tuesday night was 2 pounds of chicken wings and pizza. Lunch on Saturdays was either Taco Bell or KFC. When my mom was battling cancer, I gained 20 pounds in one month…20 pounds in one month!!

I was stuck in an endless cycle all alone.

Until one day I realized that my own thoughts were holding me back. I was still using food as my crutch just like I did as a kid. Once I realized I'm not a kid anymore and I can make a new decision, my relationship with food changed. Heck, my whole life changed. I found healthier ways to get through discomfort and made some major life changes.

I've become very passionate about making sure nobody has to struggle with emotional eating on their own. I love sharing my knowledge about how our thoughts hold us back and keeps us from our goals. There is truly a mind, body connection and I would be happy to teach you about it and get you to your goals.

I was introduced to My Body Tutor by my business coach who had nothing but nice things to say. I also had the opportunity to talk with Adam. He truly cares about his clients and their success.

I checked out My Body Tutor's website and my first thought was, “finally, a weight loss program that actually focuses on the connection with our thoughts and the food we eat”. And…you actually get a human coach! Plus, there is no counting calories, eating nothing but salads and living at the gym.

My Body Tutor is a program designed for real life. Everything I learned about MBT, reading the reviews, and talking to Adam made my decision to become a coach a no brainer.

The philosophy of My Body Tutor is everything I believe in too. Each client is treated as an individual with a plan that is designed just for them. As a client, you are never alone.

My Body Tutor has given me the opportunity to see my dream come true; never letting another person feel alone. I am so grateful to be part of an organization that is changing lives and cares about each client's success.

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