Hi! I'm Kristin :) I used to think that it was all about food. And don't get me wrong - the way we choose to nourish ourselves with the foods we eat on a daily basis can and does make a WORLD of difference! But over the past 25 or so years, and particularly as I (oh so gracefully) navigate my forties, I realize more and more how crucial it is to have our mindset in the starring role rather than the decision about what's for dinner. Because when we get brave enough and dig a little deeper...look a little closer and work on all those (sometimes hidden, possibly dusty) corners of ourselves - everything else follows. We build a solid landing place to come back to when life gets hard.

Why did I choose MBT?

Glad you asked!! MBT is Awesome!! The thing about MBT is that, right from the first day, you get this feeling that you're part of something bigger than yourself. Endlessly supported. It's not an “eat this, don't eat that, do these exercises for this long every day” program. It's about digging deep into your relationship with food and with yourself - because if you don't have those things figured out, anything beyond the most temporary change is going to be next to impossible!! That said. I do love geeking out over food and nutrition topics so if you're an inquiring mind...PLEASE ask away!!

You and Me

I get an actual thrill from helping someone make a connection - those lightbulb moments, when strung together over time, turn our everyday into something that radiates light - I want you to feel that feeling and to know that YOU made it happen with me as your #1 supporter; your personal cheerleader! And when you fall off that horse? I'll be right there to help you climb right back on. Questions? Concerns? Worst. Day. Ever? That's what I live for...together we have TOTALLY got this!

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