How to make big changes in your life

Today a client asked me if change was really possible.

Change is not only possible, it’s inevitable.

The world is changing every day. And so are we, whether we want to or not.

I think what she really means is: is change really possible for her because she’s scared of not being able to put forth the effort change requires.

Instead of letting the thought of the word ‘change’ or ‘effort’ terrify us and cause us not do anything, let’s focus on micro changes.

How about exercising for an extra 5 minutes? How about exercising for a total of 5 minutes? (Something is always better than nothing!)

How about waiting 5 minutes before we indulge as opposed to giving in right away? (It’s all about the pause. We all have a few moments before we act.)

How about cooking one extra meal?

How about cooking one meal?

How about waking up 10 minutes earlier?

How about going to bed 10 minutes earlier?

How about making our lunch?

How about for just one day this week we exercise first thing or immediately after work?

How about drinking a glass of water with each meal?

How about going for a walk outside or around our house or office next time we have a relentless craving?

How about starting our dinner with either salad or veggies?

How about for just one meal per day, we make it last for more than 20 minutes?

How about for just one day this week we submit our report before dinner so we’re mentally committing to what we’ll eat?

How about we take the stairs instead of the elevator?

How about we brush our teeth or chew gum or use mouth wash next time we have a craving?

How about we eat carrots next time we’re craving something sweet and then see if we still have a craving?

How about listening to our favorite music next time we feel tired?

All of these are simple things that can and will lead to our success.

And best of all, change begets change. Small changes eventually turn into big changes.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?

The only way to get to where we want to be is to change. But ‘change’ can be daunting.

We can’t just go from the person we are now, to the person we want to be without changing anything.

It’s much less overwhelming if we focus on micro changes.

What micro changes can you make today? This weekend?

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