The George Costanza Technique


We all remember the days of Seinfeld right? I mean it’s still on all the time.

Who can forget the music. (Hear it in your head now?) It was one of my favorite shows. And Curb Your Enthusiasm was a favorite of mine as well. Curb starred the co-creator of Seinfeld, Larry David.

Larry David is hilarious (at least to me), especially, because he doesn’t try to be. And George Costanza was loosely based on Larry David.

LD has good intentions for the most part, as did George. However, it just seems as though their natural self always leads them in the wrong direction. It always gets in the way of their desired outcome.

I remember the episode when George was tying to pick up women and he started doing everything opposite of what he normally would do.

When George did the unfamiliar, and what was uncomfortable to him, he succeeded…to his amazement. It worked! The ladies loved George.

Hmmm! Seems like we can all learn from George…

For example, our usual self might see a cookie and then just eat it without thinking. But, if we acted like George in this instance we’d see the cookie and walk away from it. Or better yet…we’d laugh at it like this. (Video, safe for work.)

Or, let’s say we’re exercising. Our typical self would want to stop as soon as the discomfort/tension sets in.

But, if we acted like George in this instance, and did the opposite of what we’d normally do, we’d ignore the discomfort and keep going for a few more reps or minutes.

Or, let’s say we usually go into kitchen after dinner and open the fridge. But, in this instance, we’d go elsewhere.

“But Adam, I have to go into the kitchen to prepare for the next day!”

Fair enough. In this instance, let’s decide before we open the cabinet, pantry, or fridge what we’re going to get.

Rather than opening it and then deciding what we need or want. Small change but it leads to a different outcome.

Catch my drift?

Try doing the opposite of what you normally want to do. Just for the rest of today. You know, our short term, highly irrational self.

I think it’ll be pretty, pretty, pretty good!

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