Don't let the "Holiday Effect" get the best of you

"Why bother eating well today, tomorrow, and Wednesday if I'm going to indulge on Thursday?" some of us think.

Thanksgiving is on THURSDAY.

It's not today. It's not tomorrow. It's not on Wednesday.

Let's watch out for the "Holiday Effect".

This is my made up term for when we have an upcoming vacation, holiday or event and think, "Why bother eating well now if I'm going to indulge soon."

Because we're not going to be in control of our food choices later on, or we don't plan to be, we let it impact our food choices now, before we're away or the holiday or event is here.

Most people let the 5% of meals they're not in control of impact the 95% of meals they can control. This is what the "Holiday Effect" is all about.

"I'll start fresh when it's over, and I'll eat whatever I want now too!"






In case you didn't get that...We want to flip it.

We want to focus on the 95% of meals we are in control of so that when we're not, it's not a big deal. We can enjoy some flexibility.

Besides, everything tastes better when we indulge on vacation and/or at the holiday meal because we know we followed through on our intentions leading up to it.

Let's be careful about this over the next few days.

Upcoming vacations, holidays or events don't have to impact us before the actual vacation, holiday or event.

We're still very much in control, if we choose to be. Besides, the "If I can't be perfect all time, why bother?" mentality is irrational and we know that.

What does "perfect" even mean?

We know chasing "perfection" is like chasing the wind.

Instead, we're much better off focusing 100% on the meals we're able to eat well at so that when we can't - or when it's truly worth it - we can indulge, guilt free.

There's always going to be something on the horizon that challenges our eating.

Let's focus on today and making the most of it.

That's all we can do. Control the controllables.

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