How to stop a binge in progress.

You've been keeping an eye out for all the usual triggers...

...and you did what you could to dodge another binge...

But somehow, you find yourself smack dab in the middle of one.

One minute everything's fine, and the next you're on a runaway train that's picking up speed.

So what do you do? Is it even possible to stop a binge in progress?

When you ask for help, most people turn into Captain Hindsight and tell you everything you *should've* done.

They say...

-- Just eat more and don't let yourself get so hungry.

-- Why don't you throw out all your trigger foods?

-- You should drink more water.

Now, don't get me wrong. All that "could" be helpful...

...but it's good advice at the wrong time.

A client in our 1:1 coaching program described his binges to me like this...

"It feels like I'm battling a giant. He's beating me. He won't stop. And there's absolutely nothing I can do about it." 

See, when you're getting tossed around, you don't need more of the same old advice... need an eject button!

Something that'll get you out of there -- and quick.

So let's talk about an escape plan.

Now, there's no sense in sugar-coating it. Because it's going to take some effort and it's not always going to be pretty.

And I'm telling you this because it's important to set the expectation up front.

But you *can* stop a binge.

And the chances are you already know how.

(In fact, you're probably better at it than you think.)

Let me explain.

As much as we might not like to admit it, at some point, we've all found ourselves caught up in a heated argument.

And you probably remember how you tried to avoid getting into it.

You let the first comment go and told yourself...

"Stay calm. Take the high road. They'll get over it soon."

But they just kept throwing jab after jab until you finally burst into an all-out verbal assault.

Harsh words are flying back and forth...

...and to say emotions are high is an understatement.

You try to calm things down, but every word feels like you're throwing more gas on the fire.

But in the middle of all this...

There's a point when you gain a brief moment of clarity.

When you hear your inner voice -- the voice of reason -- step in and say...

"What are you doing? This isn't you. Stop. Just stop and walk away."

You see, when you're mid-binge, you have that exact same moment of clarity...

...and you hear that inner voice telling you to take a step back.

And that moment is what you're looking for.

So when it comes, you've got to grab onto it and hold on with everything you've got...

Use that moment of clarity to call on every ounce of energy and resolve you have left. Use it to push back and to walk away. Use it to separate yourself from the situation.

You know you have to get out of there because you know how this is going to play out.

Right now, you need one thing and one thing only -- distance.

And with it, you give yourself the gift of time. Time to regain your composure and the opportunity to start over.

Take a minute to breathe, brush your teeth to reset your pallet, or open the door and get outside. The idea is to do anything that'll put some space between you and your binge.

When you're in the middle of a binge, grab ahold of that moment of clarity, and use it to muster the energy and get the distance you need.


Don't let getting caught in a binge make you think this is a lost cause.

I know a binge makes you feel powerless, like you have no control.

But that's just fear, discomfort, and resistance trying to make you believe you can't do it. You see, it doesn't want you to change, and it'll do any and everything it can to get you to stop.

-- It'll make you feel like you failed because you had a slip-up.

-- That you're not making progress fast enough.

-- Or that maybe this is just your cross to bear.

But that's so wrong.

Mistakes and slip-ups are proof of progress, and the only mistake you can make is the fear of making a mistake.

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