The 2 hardest parts about losing weight

Confucius said, "It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop."

I know how easy stopping is. We've all done it. We're all tempted to do it. All the time.

After all, the key in our journey is to start (second hardest part) and keep on going (by far, the hardest part!).

But as long as we don't stop, we're moving forward, and forward motion equals progression. And progression always feels better than the alternative.

When we're tempted to stop, push even harder. That's right! Because usually, we're tempted to stop when we lose momentum. If we don't want to be tempted to stop, don't let up.

Easier said than done because there's a constant force trying to slow us down. I call that force our irrational and short term mind.

I think we should laugh at it when it starts making noise because although letting up is easier in the short term, it's not going to make us feel happier.

So next time that force starts talking to us: Laugh at it, like this.

And the force shall go away!



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