The power of small wins

Last night was the Home Run Derby - a fan favorite. The only goal of the Home Run Derby is to hit as many balls out of the park as possible. If it's not hit out of the park it doesn't count.

Sure, it's fun to watch. But relying on Home Runs to win games is fools gold.

I don't write enough about celebrating small wins. In fact, the only way to create BIG wins (weight loss, dropping sizes, baggy clothes, more energy, etc.,) is by creating small wins.

Getting the body we want is about the accrued power of thousands of meals. Each one counts just as much as the next one.

Like with anything in life, it's unrealistic to expect rainbows and butterflies all the time. Dealing with the lows is the hardest part. And that's why staying consistent is so challenging.

But, even in a bad situation there can be a win. Really!

Let's explore:

Let's say we're in the middle of a binge and we typically eat a pint of ice cream. Leaving even a few bites - is a win nonetheless. That's progress!

Bonus: Getting a lower calorie indulgence such as frozen yogurt.

Let's say we don't feel like exercising. Typically, we would be inactive all day. Instead, we do 20 jumping jacks before we shower. That's progress. It's a win nonetheless!

Bonus: If we feel like doing nothing, how about going for a 5 minute walk? Heck, why not walk in place while watching TV? Something is always better than nothing.

And movement energizes us. Too many of us feel that if we can't train like an Olympian why bother at all.

Rationally, we know this is silly. Done is better than "perfect". Why? Because the perfect day or workout doesn't exist. Chasing the perfect day or workout is like chasing the wind.

---->The short workout we do is better than the "perfect" workout we don't do.

---->The good day we finish with pride is better than the "perfect" day we give up on.

Let's say we don't have a great day of eating. We're unhappy with ourselves so we choose not to submit our daily report. But instead, we submit it, and are as open and honest as possible.

Note: We learn the most about you (and ourselves) when the going is tough. The greatest growth happens in those times.

While these can be seen as negative things, they can also be seen as wins.

No, it's not perfect. But it's progress.

Although change can seem daunting at times, it's very doable. It takes effort. And lots of courage.

But mostly, it takes a willingness to be vulnerable.

And part of that is not only celebrating the good but also how the not so good is getting better.


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