What to do when you don't feel like it

Sometimes we just don't feel like it. (Whatever we want "it" to mean -- eating right, exercising, embracing the discomfort, etc.)

Version 1.

Most people act because of the way they feel...

They feel tired or lazy or unmotivated so they act that way by lounging around and watching TV. This perpetuates those feelings.

But, if we ACT energized by moving around a bit (even just walking!) we'll wind up feeling that way.

Most people act because of the way they feel. However, we actually feel because of the way we act.

Read that again. I'll wait...

Here's the challenge:

When I feel energized and focused, it's obviously much easier to, say, exercise and eat right. When it feels easy...it's, well, easy!

Of course, it doesn't always feel easy. (This is why having daily and personal accountability + daily support from an expert coach makes all the difference. This is why we're able to guarantee your results.)

When it doesn't feel easy, we want to focus on small wins. Truly.

Don't feel like exercising? Commit to walking for just five minutes. The hardest part about exercising is starting. Once we start, momentum almost always takes over.

Feel like eating totally indulgently? Commit to eating something -- anything -- healthfully first. THEN see how we feel. (It works. The reason why we don't always do this is because we're using food as an escape. And we don't want to give up that escape. We'll talk more about this another time.)

The idea is baby steps, though. Baby steps lead to small wins. And the only way to create big wins is by creating lots of small wins.

A good question to ask ourselves when we're not in the mood to do anything our ideal self would want us to do:  What's the smallest possible step I can take right now?

Here are some ideas:

1. No desire to get going in the morning? Make our bed.

2. No desire to eat breakfast? Drink a glass of water.

3. No desire to do any work? Do the smallest possible task.

4. No desire to exercise? Walk for five minutes. Heck, walk in place while watching TV.

5. No desire to eat healthfully? Eat a carrot then see how we feel.

6. No desire to submit our daily report? Submit a blank one!

7. No desire to respond to our s/o or kid(s) in the way our ideal self would want us to? Pause...take a deep breath.

8. No desire to get out of our bad mood aka we want a pity party? Watch a funny video on YouTube.

9. No desire to make a healthy meal? Order in a healthy meal.

10. No desire to focus on any of the good in our life? Focus on just one thing we're grateful for.

You get the point, right?


Another way to look at it...


Version 2.

Fitness is a decision.

Here's the kicker: It's a decision we make every day. And sometimes, we're not in the mood for it.

But what's "it"?

Why do we need to be in the mood for something to do the work?

And yes, it's work.

Existing isn't work. But living? That's work.

Thriving? That's a lot of work. (But it's sure as heck worth it!)

It's called work because it's difficult. Not because we need to be in the mood for it.

Very few people wake up each day in the mood to eat healthfully or in the mood to exercise. (Again, this is why having daily and personal accountability + daily support from an expert coach is key. We're with you every single day through the ups and downs. Otherwise, it's just too easy to say, "Ah, I'll start again tomorrow.")

Besides, most of the world's work is done by people who didn't feeling like getting out of bed in the morning...

People aren't usually in the mood to embrace the discomfort, or in the mood to be brutally honest with themselves which can be quite uncomfortable too.

Of course, what we're in the mood for is irrelevant to how our body performs or how we exist, look, live or thrive.

Let's not pay so much attention to what we're in the mood for. Let's pay attention to the work.

Then when we're thriving, we'll be in the mood to continue thriving.



It's easy to eat well when you're feeling it. But what about all the days you're not? Success happens when you don't feel like being successful. That's where MBT comes into play. This is why we get results we do. This is why we can guarantee your results, or your money back. What are you waiting for?

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