The Guarantee Everyone Else Is Too Afraid To Copy


Our “Missing Link Guarantee” makes joining easy.

Give us 30 days to prove that our proactive coaching is what you’ve been missing all along. If it doesn’t work for you, we’ll refund your money AND pay for you to start a program that better fits your needs.

Adam Gilbert

“I’m truly confident in what we do. That’s why you’re protected with my 100% risk-free, 30-day money-back guarantee. It’s a win-win situation for you, no matter what. The only way to lose is if you *don’t* join. If you’re ready to make real progress and feel better than ever, let’s get started today!

When I ask new MyBodyTutor members if there was anything that made them think twice about joining, I always hear the same response…

“To be honest, I wasn’t sure if the program would work for me.”

And here’s how I respond:

How can you know if the program will work unless you actually try? With our guarantee, we’ve made it a no-brainer for you to give us a shot.

Just follow the program the best you can. If you put in the work, you will see results. All I ask is for you to be open, honest, and coachable. That’s all there is to it.

It’s okay if you don’t have a “perfect” day. We’re not robots, and we don’t expect you to be. In fact, one of our mantras is “Progress, not perfection.”

Simply work with your coach, stay consistent with reporting, and you’ll see results within the first few weeks. And the best part is that’s when the real fun starts.


If you get stuck or need help, we’ve got your back. If you’re struggling, aren’t sure what to do, or if resistance is holding you back, send me a message. Hey, it’s why we’re here. We’ll figure out a way to get you back on track and making progress.

So here’s my guarantee to you:

1.) Give MyBodyTutor’s 1:1 coaching an honest try for 30 days.

Here’s what that looks like:

  • Communicate with your coach on a daily basis.
  • Be willing to try new things. Don’t worry; we won’t ask you to do anything you’re not willing to do.
  • Submit your daily log before midnight.

And most importantly…

2.) If you have concerns, get in touch with me within the first two weeks and give us a chance to find a solution.

If you do those two things and still don’t see or feel progress within 30 days, let me know, and I’ll make it right.

Is it really that simple? Yep. That’s it!

“Adam, how can you be so confident?”

Because out of the thousands of people we’ve worked with, only about 1% have asked for a refund. And the most common reason I hear is, “I never actually tried the program.”

Can you guess what I’ve never heard?

“I’ve been giving it an honest to goodness try, and I’m not seeing any progress.”

Instead, we hear members of the MyBodyTutor family say:


We’ve helped thousands of clients change their Mindset, Psychology, and Habits around food and exercise — forever! So I’m confident that what we do will work for you and that this will be the last program you ever do.

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