Why I have a ridiculous guarantee (and how it benefits you)

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I get it.

You may have stumbled across MyBodyTutor from a blog post, an article, an interview, TV, the radio, or social media.

Or, maybe your doctor recommended you check us out, your friend told you about MBT, or your coworker referred you.

And after reading through all of the success stories, all of the testimonials, all of the press we’ve been featured in, all of the blog posts I’ve written, and of course, about my program, you’re really intrigued…

…intrigued enough to want to give MBT a shot.

But something is holding you back.

This is still the Internet! I understand. I really do.

The Internet can be a crazy place with all sorts of fly-by-night companies.

When I first started MyBodyTutor back in February of 2007, I didn’t realize just how much crap was out there.

It was a challenge at first…

I didn’t have any success stories or testimonials yet, I didn’t have any press mentions yet – I didn’t have anything but my story, my passion, and a promise I made.

The promise was simple: If you don’t see results within 30 days, you get your money back.

Why? Because I understand why people might be skeptical of an online program. I wanted to make it a no-brainer for people to give us a chance.

Fast forward to today…

Because of the results we’re getting for our clients, and our unique program, we’re constantly featured in the national media.

But this isn’t about us.

This is about YOU.

And I understand that no matter how long we’ve been around for, no matter how many people we’ve helped, no matter how flawless our track record is (Google us! I take great pride in our flawless track record), no matter how many publications we’re featured in…this is STILL the Internet. It can be scary! It can be weird! It can be all sorts of things.

So, let’s make it less scary and less weird…

How? I still offer a risk-free trial.

Because I’m truly that confident in what we do.

Besides, there’s something very wrong with the revolving door of other weight loss programs. There’s no relation between the success of a weight loss company, and a client successfully losing weight.

UNLESS…the service offers a 100% money back guarantee.

I don’t know of any other weight loss service / program in the world that offers a money-back guarantee. In fact, many people who sell weight loss products resent me. After all, it’s very easy to make promises.

But I love accountability, and having our feet held to the fire. The proof is in our 100% money-back guarantee.

There are no asterisks here *

It’s simple.

If you don’t see/feel results within a month, we work for free. Email us within the first 30 days to cancel your account and we’ll refund your payment in full.

I know MBT works better than anything else out there and I back it up because I’m that confident about it.

I always ask my new clients if anything held them back from joining MBT at first. I always get the same response. “Well, to be honest, I wasn’t sure if the program would work for me.”

Of course, you’re not sure. How could you be until you ACTUALLY try it? Again, that’s why I offer you a 100% money-back guarantee.

Are you looking for a reason NOT to join?

We all claim that we want to be healthy and fit. But when it comes down to it we have so many fears that hold us back – even if there is a unique and proven program right in front of us (hello!) that will help us get the results we want.

We start to ask question after question until we find something we can latch onto so we can do the easiest thing of all: nothing.

But, if we keep doing what we’ve always done, we’re going to keep on looking and feeling the way we always have.

Here’s what I’d like you to do: Try MBT for a month. Then see how you feel. That’s it. You’ll be so glad you did. I promise.

Even if you’re very skeptical (that’s a link to my favorite success stories — worth the read).

Our guarantee removes any risk, and our reputation is worth everything to us.


…to finally lose the weight once and for all with our proven step by step program. And because there’s a 100% money back guarantee, I’ve made it literally risk-free.

What are you waiting for? Together, we’ll make it happen.

JOIN NOW! I promise you won’t regret it.

The relentless support, guidance, and expertise we provide along with the way we hold you accountable is why we get the results we do. To view pricing, click the 'Join Now' button.


    Victoria L.Samantha H.Megan S.Lisa C.Bill H.
  • It's difficult to stay consistent on a long term basis. The encouragement and support along with the accountability MBT provides is very important. It's the first time I've been able to stay consistent and because of that I've reached my goal of 115 pounds. I've tried losing the 25 pounds so many times over without any long term success. I'd always gain the weight right back. This time will be different because I changed my relationship with food and I've developed so many healthy habits and behaviors. It feels like second nature. It's never felt like that before. Thank you for creating such a wonderful program!
    Victoria L.
    25 pounds gone
  • MBT isn't just an amazing program, it's a person. Knowing who I have to give my daily report has made all the difference. The concept of accountability is what made all the difference for me. I knew HOW to lose weight, I just needed someone to make me follow through on what I really wanted and knew I should do. No book, weekly meeting, app or pill bottle, or whatever people do to try to lose weight, will give you as much support and accountability as MBT does. I have NEVER in my life been able to stay on a “diet” for more than a few weeks until now. Because of that, I’ve lost 35 pounds and it’s the first time in my life I’ve lost weight and feel completely confident I’ll be able to maintain it. In fact, MBT is the only program that got easier as time went on, not harder. I love MBT and I only wish I knew about it sooner!
    Samantha H.
    35 pounds gone
  • There are so many things I love about MBT. Losing weight was incredibly easy because the voice in my head that used to tell me to eat junk food was replaced by my tutor's voice. My relationship with food has completely changed. I also like that everything is so personal and my tutor knows me and my lifestyle. Don't lose that when you guys get famous! I didn’t lose the 15 pounds because I’m never going to find them again! They’re gone...for good! Thank you!
    Megan S.
    15 pounds gone
  • Adam you truly are the best. Your program is easy to follow, healthy, sustainable and the Daily Feedback is what did it for me. I've never been able to stay so consistent and it's why I got such amazing results. I have never in my life felt better! Thank you so much for creating this amazing program! 40 pounds gone. Gone for good!!!
    Lisa C.
    40 pounds gone
  • If it was "easy" everyone would be doing it and everyone would be fit. I had actually looked at MBT 6 months before joining. I thought I could apply their principles and use some of the many free or low-cost apps and do it myself. Ha! After unsuccessfully trying to lose the weight on my own yet again, I finally joined MBT. I wish I didn't wait. I weighed 225 when I started with my ideal weight being 180. I now weigh 178 pounds and I’m in the best shape of my life. My coach had and has been there for me during this whole journey and I can attest to the fact that it is the camaraderie and accountability to a real person who knows me that makes all the difference.
    Bill H.
    47 pounds gone.

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