Testimonials that make me smile ear to ear

On the top of my testimonials page, I wrote: I have hundreds of thank you emails and testimonials. I wish I could have them all on this website but my web developer told me no. “People aren’t going to read them all,” he said. He’s right.

The secret is – they are more for me because these testimonials are why I do what I do!

It’s true. That IS why I do what I do. I’ve written about it on my other blog here.

I haven’t updated that testimonials page in a long time, and I have hundreds more I could add.

I do have them all filed away. But what FUN is that? Some of them are just too good not to share.

So, I’m going to start sharing some of them here from time to time.

Here is one and it makes me smile ear to ear.

First, here’s the background of this testimonial – which makes it even cooler. My client came across an author who was looking for companies that use purpose to help connect with people for a new book he’s working on.

My client took it upon herself to write the following based on these three questions the author was asking. Her writing is in quotes.

1. Tell me a story about how this company uses purpose to help connect with people:

“This company doesn’t just USE purpose, its whole raison d’etre is one of purpose, and their purpose isn’t just to connect, but to HELP. Being a service organization, one directed at people who want to lose weight, their purpose is to do just that by frequent (daily or weekly) telephone contact, as well as daily detailed reciprocal feedback. In so doing, they provide not just support, but accountability. I am one of their satisfied customers, having lost 75 pounds and keeping it off (easily!) for two years.

I have dieted from the age of seven, trying everything under the sun, including going to expensive spas. My Body Tutor finally made a difference, not by presenting an arbitrary and untenable diet, but by teaching me how to eat. The best part is not the improved body, but the resulting peace of mind. I no longer obsess or agonize; I don’t jump from diet to diet. I just make good choices and enjoy my meals.”

2. Which word best describes how you think of this business:


3. Tell me a story about why you chose the trait above:

“My weight says it all – I lost 75 pounds and, being a senior citizen, likely avoided a lot of medical problems and misery. What could be more valuable than that?”

The name of the client is Judy M.


Ugh, (and that’s a good ugh!) that makes me so happy! I have hundreds of success stories to my credit. I’d love to make you the next one. What are you waiting for?

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