How to make a craving vanish like a fart in the wind

Temptations are everywhere! : (

What to do?

Here in lies the question we all face: Do we listen to our short term or long term self when it comes to cravings?

Our short term self tries to convince our long term self we want those cookies or chips or whatever (that aren't even worth it)...

Our long term self is what motivates us to get out of bed. To evolve. To improve. To achieve. To eat healthfully. To exercise. To read these very words. To join my proven program. (Oh, see what I did there?)

So who the heck do we listen to?

Well, I believe when we listen to our short term self, we are being impulsive which usually leads to self-destructive behavior. We're indulging in pleasure.

Big difference between being impulsive and spontaneity, in my opinion.

A life filled with short term pleasure (then again, all pleasure is short term by definition) is very different than a life filled with satisfaction.

I don't think pleasure and satisfaction is the same.

First off, pleasure = fleeting. When was the last time you felt amazing ten minutes after eating something indulgent impulsively?

Let's look at the person who only eats fatty, salty and sugary foods. (Notice how I said, "Only". MBT is not about never indulging. That is not sustainable! We will teach you how to be fit and happy, not fit and miserable. We'll teach you how to eat your favorite foods and still lose weight. That said, you can't only indulge and expect to lose weight. That's silly talk.)

Sure it tastes good on the way down. But, it doesn't feel so good when your clothes no longer fit. Or when you hate how you look. Or when you avoid being in the picture. Or you can't keep up with your children because you have no energy. Or when you avoid certain things because of your weight. Or when the doctor tells you what you already know.


Anyway, so how do we get over cravings? After all, cravings are what drive us to indulge in pleasure.

I think the challenge with cravings is that we entertain them to much. We pay too much attention to them! In fact, when we have a craving, typically, that's all we focus on.

You know why? We're stuck in our own damn head.

Let's all try something next time we face a craving. It's simple.

Ready? When a craving hits simply:

Think away from yourself.

Get out of your damn head! Think about someone or something else.

Some ideas:

1) Text or call a friend and ask how he/she is doing

2) Catch up on some juicy celebrity gossip

3) Read something interesting/useful lately? Send it to a friend or family member. "Hey, read this and thought you'd enjoy it!"

You can do anything. But, ultimately, the key is to immerse ourselves in something else.


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