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Countless people have changed their lives with MBT...

What are you waiting for?


You will never regret being healthier, happier and more fit! Choose either the Gold or Platinum plan below by clicking the gray 'Sign Up' button.

What Do I Get Gold Platinum
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Your very own expert Body Tutor who will be with you from start to finish - helping, supporting and guiding you through the ups and downs. We'll be keeping you accountable day by day to ensure we reach your goal(s). 
An initial phone consultation (typically, 30-40 minutes) with your Body Tutor so we can learn more about you, your current diet and exercise habits along with creating a customized game plan to reach your goal(s).
A customized diet tailored to your unique lifestyle. Whether you're a vegetarian or a meat lover, together we're going to create a diet plan you feel totally comfortable with, and one that is truly sustainable. No crazy diets here. This is critical, as 70-80% of your results come from what, why and how you eat.
A customized workout plan(s) tailored to your goals, ability and experience. We'll also change up your workout plans so you don't get bored.
Access to the Daily Feedback Web Application. We don't just tell you what to do, we make sure you actually do it. Each night (or throughout the day) you'll login to our easy to use system and enter what you ate or upload a picture of it, along with what you did for exercise (if it was an exercise day).
Daily Feedback from your very own Expert Body Tutor based on what you input the prior day. Every morning, your Body Tutor will give you suggestions and encouragement along with feedback (it's never shame-based and we don't make you feel bad or guilty). This is personalized feedback unique to your prior day's report. We'll keep you focused, on track, and most importantly accountable day in and day out. 
The skills, habits and mindset to be able to keep the weight off forever. We'll teach you the right mindset and skills along with helping you develop the right habits and behaviors to lose weight and keep it off. 
A new relationship with food. The way you think and react to food will be completely different by the time we reach your goal(s).  
Weekly phone calls to talk about your progress. These weekly check-ins are designed to be short (we know you're busy) but highly effective.
"Crisis calls" whenever necessary to get you right back on track.
Text message + email support. Things come up throughout the day, whether it's a menu question or a mid-afternoon craving, your Body Tutor is always there for you. 
24/7 support. (We live to help you reach your goals)
LIFETIME maintenance. Once we reach your goal together, you will get lifetime access to our maintenance program, for free. 
Insane Money Back Guarantee. In 30 days if you don't feel or see results, you get all your money back. I'm truly that confident in MBT. I only want us to succeed if you do.   
Daily Scheduled Phone Calls for those that want extra support and even more accountability.  




That's only
$62 a week for guaranteed results.

That's only
$125 a week for guaranteed results.

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Keep in mind: A single personal trainer session generally costs $60 for ONE HOUR, and the trainer doesn't even guarantee results.

A typical nutritionist on average charges $300+ a month for either bi-weekly phone calls or in person meetings that last no more than 20 minutes at their location, and the nutritionist doesn't guarantee results either.

What is more important than your health and fitness? 

You will never regret investing in your health and fitness.   

The best part? You'll be more focused, energized, and happier. That is priceless. 


Surprisingly, it's not one of the billion other companies or coaches or apps out there. Frankly, no one else wants to offer this kind of support and accountability because it takes too much time. Not us. We live to help you stick with it day in and day out because we know that is the key to results.

Our biggest competition is...YOU.

Some of you will say things like, "This program sounds amazing but next Monday I'm just going to start exercising," or, "I'm just going to start eating healthy tomorrow..." but we've done this so MANY times before, and our past evidence (if we're honest with ourselves, and us MBT-ers are) suggests that we don't follow through.


Our clients work with us because they want to finally get (and stay) in amazing shape. They're brutally honest with themselves and know if they could "just eat healthfully and exercise" consistently they would have. If consistency were so easy, we'd all do it. 

There's a huge difference between knowing what to do, and actually doing it.

Nothing beats having an expert who is 100% committed to your success from start to finish. Someone who's always supporting you, holding you accountable, and always there - every single day - giving you personalized feedback and critique along with encouragement to keep you honest, motivated and on track. And if you fall of track, we're right there with you to help you recover right away. This makes all the difference.

Let's be real. Aren't you sick of saying, "I'll start fresh tomorrow!"  or, "I'll start again on Monday!"?

2/3 of America is overweight because consistency is very hard. MBT makes staying consistent very doable. (Dare I say, fun!) And we have over 1000+ testimonials and success stories to prove it.

The most destructive thing smart people do is spend their lives waiting.

Last week you said next week. Yesterday you said tomorrow. There will always be another reason to wait. What exactly are you waiting for again?

"The program sounds incredible!" "This is exactly what I need!" "I love the idea of daily and personal accountability!" but...

But what?

Spoiler Alert: The stars never align!

This is why I've removed ALL the risk for you.

If someone could guarantee you'll achieve your weight loss goal - or your money back - wouldn't you do it?   

What holds people back from joining is that choosing to focus on your health and fitness is a very emotional decision. I understand change is scary! I promise it's not as scary as you might think it is, though. Many of the emotional eaters out there are scared to join because they don't want to give up "using" food. This is a big part of what we do. 


100% of your money back in 30 days if you don't feel or see results. I know MBT works better than anything else out there. That is why I offer a 100% money back guarantee because I want you to give us a shot. You have nothing to lose. (Well...you know what I mean.)

This way you can try it out, risk-free, and see for yourself. I've made this a NO-BRAINER so you can give MBT a shot today because I know we can help you.


Everyone can pay $249 a month, if it's important enough to them. That's $62 a week or $8 a day to guarantee you reach your health and fitness goals. Let's put MBT into perspective...


A personal trainer, on average, costs $60 PER session. If you see a trainer 2-3 times a week that can run up to $180 a week, or $720 a month. MBT only costs $62 per week or $249 a month. And, your trainer is only available to you for just those 2-3 hours per week. How much do you think it would cost if you went to the gym and asked to have a trainer available 7 days a week? And when was the last time a trainer guaranteed your results? 

Although a personal trainer can be helpful, it's what you do between workouts that really makes the difference! MBT will be with you from start to finish, 24/7/365 - helping you get through the ups and downs until you reach your goal. This is why we have the track record we do.

It turns out, 70% of our results come from our diet. That's why you'll see the same person working their butt off in the gym month after month - even with a trainer - without looking ANY different!


A typical nutritionist / wellness coach on average charges $300+ a month for either bi-weekly phone calls or in person meetings that last no more than 20 minutes at their location, during work hours (what a pain).

Sure, they tell you what to do...

What separates us from the BILLION other companies out there?

What makes MBT so unique is that not only will we tell you what to do - but your very own Body Tutor  -- a real human being -- will be there for you every single day holding you accountable and giving you support and personalized feedback to make sure you're actually doing the right things in the kitchen and in the gym, meal by meal, workout by workout, day by day. And because we work so closely with you, we know when you're off track, and help you recover right away! This makes all the difference.

I'm 100% sure my program will help you get the body you want! Don't tell me for $62 a week or $8 a day, your health, well-being and fitness isn't worth it. 

It's amazing how much money people will spend on diet books, fad equipment, diet pills, and the like - yet never budge an inch. MBT is GUARANTEED to help you, or your money back. You risk absolutely nothing, except unwanted pounds! Plus, with MBT you'll learn skills that you'll have for the rest of your life so you don't have to deal with this over and over again.

I couldn't be less interested in people who lose weight only to gain it all back. Our goal is to help you get AND keep the body you want.


Once we reach your goal together, you will get LIFETIME access to our maintenance program, for free. This is my commitment to helping you lose weight and keeping it off. I am not interested in repeat business unlike many other weight loss programs. What you learn you'll have with you for the rest of your life! This way, you don't have to deal with losing weight again.

I've put my heart and soul into MBT since February of 2007. I'm extremely proud of the MBT program, and I obviously want you to try MBT. There's nothing more I can say.

The most important question to ask yourself...

3 months ago, you wanted to lose weight and get the body you want.

Today, you want to lose weight and get the body you want.

If you're truly honest with yourself where do you think you'll be 3 months from now?

"The best investment you can make is in yourself!" - Warren Buffett

If you're ready to become the next success story choose a plan above and click the gray ‘Sign Up' button.



Call: 917-830-5190, and speak with Adam (yes, me) directly.



(By the way, you're a tough cookie!)