How to make your success inevitable

I used to love playing dominoes when I was a little kid.

Not so much the game, as much as setting up the dominoes meticulously, in anticipation of getting to knock over the first one and watching them all fall down perfectly....or, so I hoped.

Let's envision what might happen to you when you get into great shape...

Your clothes fit awesome, your confidence is obvious, the compliments don't stop, you're more productive, you're more energized, you're happier, you're more balanced, you feel sexy, you feel vibrant, you can run for long periods of time, you love the way you feel, you can walk up the stairs without having to stop, you sleep better, you smile when you look at yourself in the mirror, you feel that you're in control of yourself, you feel powerful, you feel like you're living again as opposed to existing -- each as a series of dominoes of different sizes and shapes.

It turns out that if we start with them all at once, we'll fail.

And if we start with the BIG one, we'll fail.

But if we line up all the dominoes one by one, we may just have enough energy to push over the first one.

That one, of course, adds momentum so that when we crash into the second one, that one goes too. All the way down...

That seems obvious right? Sure. Common sense but certainly not common practice.

Why is it so often ignored? Why do people always get stuck trying to do everything all at once.

We're not going to run the 10k and we're not going to love the way we look naked and we're not going to love the way we look in a bathing suit and we're not going to love the way we feel all at once.

Did we graduate high school in 10 days?

The most successful people I know don't try to attack everything at once.

They pick out a few dominoes instead. And topple them. And they do it again. They do this so often they create momentum, and most importantly, a sense of inevitability.

Think about each meal, each workout, each extra 3 reps you do, each "no thank you!" you say, each drop of sweat, each extra 5 minutes on the treadmill, each time you choose to skip an indulgence, as a small domino.

Each one matters just as much as the next one.

We never succeed when we try to topple every domino over all at once.

Creating that momentum creates a sense of inevitability.

A sense of when...not if.

Meal by meal. Workout by workout. Day by day. Daily Feedback by Daily Feedback. THAT is how we make success inevitable.



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