I'm a light weight

Whenever I go out with my friends, they joke around that I don't drink a lot. That I'm a 'light weight'. Ya know what? I'll take it.

"Oh Gilbert is nursing his beer again!"

Nursing is a great word.

It implies TLC. We could all use a little TLC, right?

Many people like to go to independently owned restaurants because it feels as though there's more TLC that goes into the food. More effort. More love. More care. More thought.

We should try to nurse our food too. This way, we'd fully appreciate it and not take it for granted. We wouldn't rush the experience of eating.What does that mean?

Not standing up while eating. The more we can ritualize our eating the better. That means fully tasting it. Noticing the texture. The crunch. The ingredients. The smell.

So many times we're just shoveling food into our mouths. Let's try to slow down and enjoy the fact that we have a plate of food in front of us. Savory is key. Without getting all corny (although I'm about to) - it's pretty amazing if you think about it.

Our ancestors would be amazed at how readily available food is. We don't have to hunt and gather.

And if we did - we'd probably nurse our food without question, and we'd be better off.



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