What came first, the chicken or the egg?

I've been thinking a lot about the chicken or the egg debate. Well sorta.

It seems as though we have our own chicken or the egg debate.

What came first, the results or the effort?

It seems as though many of us are obsessed with results. We work our tails off only for results. We make healthy choices only for results. We run for an extra 5 minutes only for results. We make a sacrifice only for results.

And when the results don't happen, when we expect or want them to occur, the first thing we want to change is the amount of effort we put forth.

It's fascinating. However, the amount of effort we put forth absolutely has a direct impact on the results we'll see and feel.

And yet when we see results, we become even more motivated, and are willing to put forth more effort.

Results then can either make or break the effort dial.

See results and you'll turn up the dial. Don't see results when you want to and we'll turn it down.

Here is what I can assure you of:

Your body and my body never lie. You can think you're fooling yourself. You can think you're fooling me.

Every basket counts in a basketball game whether it's in the first 25 seconds of the game or the last 25. They all count towards the overall final score. Individually, they may not seem like they matter much but collectively they matter a lot!

The amount of effort you put forth really does matter. Whether it's running for an extra 5 minutes or eating less than you really want to, every drop of sweat, every feeling of fatigue, and every compromise really and truly makes a difference.

Results will happen.

Your body has no choice but to work its magic when you're eating right and exercising consistently! If you want results quicker, turn up the effort dial. You can't control exactly how your body responds to different things but you can control the amount of effort you put forth.

And finally - if you only care about results as in looser pants or a lower number on the scale you're missing the real point of eating right and exercising.

Not only will you revert back to your old ways once we reach a certain size or number but you're going to constantly feel like your depriving yourself. You're going to constantly look for 'get rich quick' types of programs or diets that do not work.

Instead focus on the real rewards and results! Living and enjoying your life as much as you possibly can.

No matter how much I enjoy eating junk food, and believe me I do - I have never in my entire life felt better from eating poorly and not exercising than I have from eating great and exercising. In other words, I feel better - heck I feel amazing - on the days that I eat great and exercise. So much better than I do on the days I don't.

That's the real reward. And if you truly focus on feeling as good as you can - your body will work its magic the way you want it to.

I promise. Just stop playing the chicken or the egg game!

But certainly feel free to eat both of them! :)


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