Why is sticking to a diet so hard

2014 is almost over and...

-I lost no weight

-I look the same

-My energy is non-existent

-I still don't like the way I look in pictures

-The list goes on and on...

IF you're in the same (or worse) place weight and health wise than you were in the beginning of 2014 read on...

IF you want to lose weight in 2015 read on...

I refuse to let 2015 be another year that just comes and goes for you without anything changing...yet again. Our health and fitness is too important.

We've all heard it..."Just eat right and exercise consistently!" Duh!


That's like saying why doesn't every aspiring musician just make a song with a catchy chorus along with a great beat and melody?!


We know the secret to weight loss is about 3 things:

1. Eating right

2. Exercising

3. Doing #1 and #2 consistently

Unfortunately, as we all know, it's the consistency part that's so hard.

This is why I've made it my life's work to help people stay consistent. This is why MBT gets such amazing results.

BUT, in order to fully understand what it takes to help people stay consistent it's important to understand why people CAN'T stay consistent.

In other words: Why is consistency so damn hard? What gets in the way?

I've boiled the reasons down to 3 key things.

Let's get to it...

3 reasons why consistency is so hard:

1) The plan you're trying to follow isn't sustainable.

Forget about fad diets. We can only follow a cookie, shake or grapefruit diet for so long. (Yes, those all exist.) We can only a follow a no fat, no carb, no sugar, no anything diet for so long.

The plan has to be practical, sustainable and healthy.

Ask yourself: "Self, can I see myself eating like this in 5 years from now? If the answer is no -- then the diet you're thinking about starting clearly isn't sustainable.

When you have the right diet and exercise plan, it's a lot easier to stick with it.

This is why we'll give you a customized diet that's easy to follow with flexible options. Unlike other programs that encourage strict and limited regiments, you'll have plenty of freedom with MBT.

This isn't about never eating your favorite foods again. That's not sustainable! In fact, we'll teach you how you can have your cake -- while still losing weight.

We'll also give you a exercise plan that is sustainable. Killing yourself at the gym isn't necessary. Besides, 70-80% of weight loss is about our diet. It's about what, why and how we eat.

----> If the diet or exercise plan you're trying to follow isn't sustainable, you're doomed from the start. Failure is inevitable.

2) You never change your relationship with food

This is critically important.

Some studies have shown that more than 1/2 of the people who get weight loss surgery gain the weight back and then some.

Why? They're dealing with the symptom of over-eating/over-indulging, not the cause.

Here's the problem:

Most people go from one 'food diet' to the next. One month they're only eating X. The next month they're only eating Y. The following month they're only eating Z. We all know people like this.

The only thing they're changing is the food they're eating. If the only thing you're changing is the food you're eating, you're not going to change for the long term.

It's critical that you change your relationship with food. It's critical that you change the way you think and react to food. It's critical that you learn the right mindset along with the habits and behaviors necessary to lose weight and keep it off.


You'll follow a crazy diet for 30...60...maybe even 90 days. You might even lose weight.

But then what happens afterward? You wonder how the heck you did it. Ah, yes...willpower! The problem with willpower is that it's not sustainable.

This is why people gain weight back. They never learn the right mindset along with the habits and behaviors necessary to keep it off.

They just "buckle down" and "try hard" for a few months until they can no longer do it anymore.

That's not a sustainable strategy.

Changing your relationship with food is a huge part of what we do. Too many diets and programs and "experts" out there only focus on what you're eating. Sure, we care about what you eat. But, when we understand why we're eating, it's a lot easier to change what we're eating.

----> Unless you change your relationship with food and the way you think and react to food you're not going to lose weight for the long term.

3) Daily and personal accountability + Daily Support

First off, there's a huge difference between knowing what to do, and actually doing it. People constantly tell me they "know what to do"...yet they never change.

It's just too easy to make promises to yourself and break them. No one knows if you keep them or not...so you hardly ever do. We all know this feeling. The feeling of having been lied to. By ourselves. It's an awful feeling...

This is where daily accountability and support comes into play.  It's hard to explain the power of accountability unless you've experienced it.


It's your first day of school.

The bell rings, and in walks your new physics professor.

He's carrying a giant red physics textbook. He looks straight at the class, and SLAMS the book down on the table with a big thud.......


He then walks out of the room.

Now let me ask you...who do you think will actually pass a class like this????

This physics professor has set the class up for failure.

INSTEAD, what if the same professor:

  • ….holds class everyday.

  • ….has office hours.

  • ….lets you ask questions.

  • ….corrects you when you are wrong.

  • ….supports you every step of the way.

THEN what do you think the success rate will be? Super high obviously.

You see:

The only difference between everyone failing and everyone passing is the amount of support they got.

Same with a diet.

Traditionally you're told, "Here's a diet to follow. You have 6 months to do it. Good luck."

This is a huge reason why people on traditional programs don't lose weight.

We're set up for failure from the beginning! (Just like that bad professor set up his class for failure.)

Okay, so how do we set ourselves up for long term weight loss success?

We've already figured this out at MBT: We follow the same principles of supporting our clients every step of the way.

This is why 100% of our clients (literally 100%) succeed at losing weight with MyBodyTutor.

….Because we provide you daily support.

….Because we give you a plan that is actually sustainable.

….Because we set you up with a coach who is an expert.

….Because we support you whenever you fall off track.

….Because we set you up with clear and defined goals.

….Because your tutor will know the answers to all of your questions.

….Because we teach in bite-sized-chunks over time, not a fire-hose of information on the first day.

….Because we teach you the right mindset along with the habits and behaviors necessary to lose weight and keep it off.

….Because you get relentless support and accountability…..from a real human being...every single day.

OKAY…..I can go on and on. But I think you get the point.

----> Unless you're being held accountable and being supported daily, it's very hard to not make excuses and rationalize those excuses. It's also very hard to sustain the effort required to lose weight. There's no question change by nature is uncomfortable.

If we're doing what we've always done...it's comfortable. If we're doing something different...it's going to feel uncomfortable. By having daily support and accountability it makes the discomfort a lot more tolerable and comfortable.


So, there you have it. The 3 reasons why consistency is so hard! Keep those in mind for your weight loss journey this coming year -- no matter what you do. I sincerely want to see you succeed.

Would I love for you to try MBT?

OF COURSE! I believe in MBT with all of my heart and soul and I’ve seen what it’s done for so many people since I started this in 2007.

I sincerely believe (and know) it works better than anything else out there. It’s why I offer a 100% money back guarantee. You can try my program for a full month. If you don't feel or see results we'll give you your money back. I've made this a no-brainer because I want you to give us a shot.

Learn more now by clicking here.

If you have any questions please message me. I read and reply to all of my emails.

P.S. Why not start whatever you’re going to do sooner rather than later? It’s a lot more fun to hit the ground running on January 1 - vs - starting with zero momentum.

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