13 simple, fun and weird tips to dominate the 4th of July

Happy almost 4th of July!

And for some, that means parties and BBQs.

Here are some simple tricks for you to think about tonight, tomorrow and this coming weekend. (Hey, if the holiday doesn’t fall on a day that is convenient for us, we’ll celebrate it on a day that is convenient for us!)

Let’s get to it…

1. Put your fork or knife down after every bite. Sandwich? Put the sandwich down after every bite. Why? Well, it takes 20 minutes for our brain to realize we’ve eaten. That’s why if we eat quickly we’ll still feel hungry. Slow it down! What’s the rush anyway?

2. Drink a sip of water in between every bite. Too much? After every few bites. This tip is so simple but effective, it hurts. Ouch!

3. What if you were writing a review of the food you were eating for the NY Times? You’d pay attention to what you were eating, right? We’d really focus on the taste and chew each and every bite. We’d focus on the texture of the food. The smell. In other words: savory.

The best part about this? Our food tastes a lot better, we enjoy the meal more, AND we digest better too. Dominating, indeed.

4. Focus on how you feel. If we really pay attention while doing all of the above, we’ll realize we don’t need nearly as much food as we think we do. And we’ll be full before we expected.

We daydream about our favorite food all day long. And then when we’re eating it, we just shovel it into our mouth. S—a—v—o—r—the moment!

5. Focus on the food. When we’re watching TV, or hanging with friends and family, it’s very easy to forget about all of the above. So try to only eat, when it’s meal time.

For example, how many times have you been noshing on chips while chatting it away? Pick one or the other.

6. If you’re going to a party, etc., wear something a little tighter than usual. If we have a lot of room in our clothes, we won’t feel our belly expanding. This way, we physically will not be able to over eat. It’ll just be too damn uncomfortable.

7. Exercise. Our chances of exercise decreases significantly as the day progresses (whether it’s a holiday or not) unless we have a specific plan for when and where we will get it done. But why not get it done first thing in the morning tomorrow, and enjoy the awesome feelings afterward? The better we feel, the less likely we’ll be to use food to change the way we feel.

Even a walk counts! Done is better than “perfect”. Something is better than nothing.

8. Keep pace with the slowest eater at the table. That’s right. Find someone to pace you.

9. Stop being a finisher! It’s only food. It’s not our best friend. It’s not our worst enemy. It’s only food.

If you’re not hungry anymore, try to stop eating. How do we know if we’re physically hungry?

Do the apple test. Ask yourself, “Would I eat an apple right now?” If not, you’re not physically hungry anymore.

10. It is much easier to avoid the dragon than it is to slay it. It’s very hard to be done eating when there is a pile of tasty food on our plate. Take less to begin with.

11. Have fun! And remember – tonight/tomorrow/this weekend is not only about food. It’s about the people we’re with.

13. Perfection doesn’t exist! See what I just did there? I went from #11 to #13. Perfection isn’t the goal. Progress is. Having the “If I can’t be perfect why bother” mentality is as silly as putting a screen door on a submarine.

The most accurate score board in the entire world is our body. Our body does not lie! 1 is better than 2. 2 is better than 3. And every healthy choice and compromise really and truly does count.

Enjoy the day! And if you follow these rules you’ll enjoy the day even more so!

What do I mean by that? As much fun as it is to eat junk and lounge around, and believe me, I love hamburgers, ice cream and chips as much as anyone, it’s always MORE fun to eat healthfully and to exercise.

Said in another way, I have never felt better from eating junk and lounging around than I have from eating healthfully and exercising.

Happy 4th! 🙂

Your Body Tutor,


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