Hey there! My name is Shannon. I’m so glad you found your way here because that means you are invested in becoming a better version of yourself. Fortunately, I love assisting people on their journeys to do just that.

I found the value in living a healthier, well-balanced lifestyle through much trial and error. In the past I’ve paid for cookie-cutter meal plans, muscled my way through months of keto, and experimented with 36-hour fasting. Yet I would always find myself overeating on the weekends and starting over from square one on Monday. What was the point of eating a certain way if it wasn’t sustainable enough to reach my weight loss goals?

Through this process of constantly taking one step forward and two steps back, I continued to learn ways in which I could share the knowledge I was acquiring along the way. I became a personal trainer and loved seeing people feel strong and confident. I went to school for public health and was fulfilled by projects helping overweight communities build healthier habits. I went back to school to become a physician assistant and love each and every day that I get to see people feel better. I became a certified nutrition coach which eventually brought me to MBT.

MBT embodies that essential element I find that is often lacking in health care, or more appropriately stated, the care of people’s health. MBT has accountability, personality, and a holistic approach that tends to be lacking elsewhere. From my years of experience caring for people, I know these characteristics are essential to make change.

Change is hard. Change is scary. Change can feel downright impossible. But I knew MBT was different because of the time and care invested in this program. I want you to feel that same care and time invested so together we can make that change possible for you. Welcome to MBT!

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