A simple tactic to get rid of a craving

Happy Saturday!

You worked hard to get to this point - why give in now? Let's keep pushing forward!

Easier said than done, of course, for many reasons. One of them being that we might find our selves with a persistent craving.

Here in lies the question we all face: Who do we listen to? Our short term self or our long term self.

Our short term self relentlessly tries to convince our long term self that we want those cookies or ice cream or chips or fries. That same short term self would try to convince a drug addict that just one more hit is okay.

Our long term self is what motivates us to exercise. To get up and go to work. To eat healthfully. To evolve. And improve. To resist. To achieve. To read this daily inspiration.

So who do we listen to?

Well, I believe when we listen to our short term self - not only are we being impulsive - which usually leads to self-destructive things happening - but we're indulging in pleasure.

(Big difference between being impulsive and spontaneity, in my opinion.)

A life filled with short term pleasures is very different from a life time of happiness.

I don't think pleasure and happiness are one in the same, at all.

A drug addict probably feels better than all of us when they are high. (I have no idea. I'm just assuming - why would people do the things they do for drugs?) Yet, what happens after they experience that intense pleasure?

Same for the person who refuses to give up the pleasure of indulging in fatty and fried and sugary food day after day. Sure it tastes good on the way down. But, of course, it doesn't feel so good when our clothes no longer fit us. Or when we hate how we look and feel later on.

Pleasure is fleeting. Happiness isn't.

I think the problem with cravings is that we entertain them to much. We think about them too much.

You know why? We're stuck in our own damn head.

This weekend I'd like for us to all try something when we face a craving. It's simple, unselfish and will benefit others (and you too).

Ready? When a craving hits simply:

Think away from yourself.


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