Are You A Lover or a Hater of Reality?

Let's talk about reality. Not reality TV - I watch too much of it. I'm talking about reality - life.

Reality is always worth talking about.

When our life feels like it's all out of whack, our diet and exercise tends to mimic that. When we're all stressed or upset or anxious about something we tend to forget about everything else.

Whenever we're unhappy about something that's out of our control we are fighting reality. Whether it's traffic, people in our life, weather, and a million other things. Anything that we can't control is what I call fighting reality.

The more we become a lover of reality the happier we'll be. And the less we'll suffer.

Loving what is - is extremely important. The more we love what is - which is reality - the less anxious we'll be.

Why bother loving reality or what is? Because no amount of wishing or hoping will change it. No matter how much we hope or wish, we can't change things we can't control.

But why we insist? "Why is this happening? Why did it happen? Why is it like this? Why is the bus late!?! Why is there so much traffic!?!? Why is he like that?! Why is my kid misbehaving?! Why is she so unappreciative! Why is he such a jerk!? Why is my boss so mean?!"

Cats meow and dogs bark! And whatever happened happened. No amount of fighting or hoping can or will change it.

The sooner we become a lover of reality, of accepting what is, the happier we'll be and the less we'll suffer,

Fighting reality is like hoping a cat will bark and a dog will meow.

Believe me. Don't think for a second I don't freak out! Everything I write is aspirational.

However, I do believe we should try to make the best of our lives, though. And I do believe we should try to not dwell on things we can't control.

For me, saying, "Cats meow, dogs bark and whatever happened happened" helps me puts things into perspective. It reminds that it is what it is.

A cat will always meow. A dog will always bark. And reality...will always be reality.

Besides, I find that focusing on things we can control, and actually taking control, is far more empowering.

The less we fight reality, and love what is, the the less we'll suffer and the happier we'll be.

And the happier we are, the less emotional eating we'll do and the less our health and fitness will suffer!



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