Are you Sabotaging your Weight Loss Success?

As we all know carrying excess weight isn't healthy. But that's okay. We'll get there!

However, in order to get there you need to let yourself be happier, fitter and healthier.

Are you doing that?

I'm serious. You might think, "Of course I want to be happier, fitter and healthier!"

But many of us have noises that get in the way. Many of us are truly scared to imagine what life might be like without the distraction of our weight!

These noises tell us that we won't ever be fit and that's it more comfortable to have an extra layer of fat because we're more protected.

It's like a security blanket...except it's really not.

Are you letting your weight protect you? Are you afraid to look good? Are you afraid it will be too hard? Are you afraid to put yourself out there? Are you afraid of giving up your best excuse for why something isn't working in life?

Many people use their excess weight as an excuse for everything.

It's time to cut that out!

Change can be uncomfortable at first but I am right here with you. A lot of people are afraid of a little discomfort, and I understand that, but the reward is so enormous.

When you change for the better, you will learn that the discomfort will quickly be replaced by a feeling of satisfaction and most importantly a feeling of getting back into your own skin - where you belong.

Don't be fooled by all of the devious noises that tell you it can't happen to you. Or even that you aren't ready for it to happen, or that you don't deserve it.

That's ridiculous. Everyone deserves to be happier, fitter and healthier!

I live in NYC. There's a lot of noise! Lots of sirens and honking and sounds!

But it doesn't mean I have to pay attention to it.


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