The Most Powerful 'E' Word in the English Language

You can say she has amazing genetics and you don't.

That he's always lucky and you never are.

That she can eat whatever she wants and not gain weight.

That he's stronger than you are no matter how hard you try.

The list of things we don't have, that other people do, is endless. It always will be. Besides, we can't control what other people have.

But of course, it's a lot easier to hope and wish and complain.

However, there is one thing that we are in control of. And it's absolutely the common denominator for successful people.


You control the amount of effort you exert each and every day. Every workout. Every meal you prepare.

You can decide to put forth more effort. You can control how much effort you're willing to give.

Instead of focusing so much on what we wish we had, or what we don't have, we should focus on how we can get what we want using one simple but extremely powerful tool...


Think about effort today and this weekend. Think about that next time you habitually complain and wish to yourself.

You are in control. We are in control.

We just need to use effort to get there. It always works.


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