How Broken Windows Affect Our Health and Fitness

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and made lots of good decisions!

The broken window theory is fascinating to me and I believe it applies so much to our health and fitness.

The broken window theory suggests that people on streets with lots of broken windows, graffiti, garbage, etc., are more likely to throw trash on the street, graffiti the walls, and overall have much less respect for the property on that street than if it were gleaming.

When former Mayor Giuliani first become mayor of NYC, he went after the small infringements like meter skipping for subways, graffiti, and getting rid of the guys that washed car windows whether you asked them to or not.

He felt that if you attack the small nuances, the big ones like assault, rape and murder would take care of themselves.

He was right.

So, I believe this applies to us as well. I find that:

When my room/office is messy, I'm not nearly as productive and organized and on point.

When my kitchen is messy, I tend to order food in a lot more.

When my laundry is piling up, I skip the gym because I don't have any clothes to wear.

When I don't have healthy food stocked up, I'm way more likely to eat unhealthy.

I try very hard not to let the small annoying things build up. I make sure to stay on top of those tasks.

Like ---> spending 10 minutes a day cleaning and organizing, walking home the long way and stopping at the grocery store, and doing my laundry every 2 weeks.

I have found that staying on top of these small (but hugely impactful) tasks has helped me to stay so much more consistent with my diet and exercise.

This concept applies in other ways too:

When I go to the gym on Monday, I'm way more likely to go every other day.

When I start off the day with a great breakfast, I'm way more likely to finish the day off great.

How does the broken window theory affect you?

And if it does affect you negatively, what can we do to change that?


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