Because life isn't a sprint...

I hope you're having a fantastic weekend so far.

Today, I plan to spend a majority of the day and early evening watching the NYC Marathon. To say it's inspiring is a huge understatement.

It's hard not to well up when I see a double amputee go by on his hand bike. It's hard not to well up when I see a double amputee run by on her prosthetic legs. (For running they wear what look like curved skis.)

It's hard not to well up when I see a 75 year young woman run by.

It's hard not to appreciate the patience and persistence these people must have.

Yet, when we go back to our own lives it's easy to get lost in it. It's easy to find reasons to complain. It's easy to look at what we don't have. It's so easy to quit.

Year after year, it's hard to control my emotions.

I was trying to figure out why, and I think it's because each time I see one of these inspiring athletes - I put myself in their shoes or wheelchair or hand bike. And it absolutely tears me up.

But like all human beings we learn to deal with our reality. We learn to make the best of it.

Or we don't.

But that's a choice we all get to make.

We can hope and wish all day long. Or we can choose to take action. We can choose to make the best out of our current situation and look at the silver lining in everything.

Or we can choose not to and complain.

Sometimes, a little perspective goes a long way.

Sometimes, getting out of our own head, makes us realize how good we really do have it.

It also makes us realize the problems we may have, that might seem enormous, are rather tiny.

It makes discomfort not so uncomfortable. It makes hard work, hardly work. It makes effort, effortless.

This is, of course, if we choose to look at life as a gift and nothing but that.


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