Do you feel deprived? Here's how to change that...

Deprivation is a popular word when it comes to losing weight. No one wants to feel deprived but everyone wants to lose weight. Something has to give...

Let's explore. Shall we?

We feel deprived when we're giving up something we (think) we want. But in the moment we feel deprived we're only thinking with our short term, rational mind.

Don't forget: We also want to feel energized and healthy and reach our health and fitness goals.

Here's what I try to remind myself: If I give in to the discomfort (instead of embracing it) and listen to my short term, rational mind, I'm also depriving myself of getting to feel awesome.

We don't (usually) think about this in the moment, though.

Tonight and this weekend remember that if you choose to indulge your irrational mind because you don't want to feel deprived, you're actually depriving yourself of long term goals and desires that'll ultimately bring you far more happiness than 5 minutes of pleasure.


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