Everyone has 2 businesses

Most people are attracted to the "latest and greatest" strategies instead of focusing on what actually works.

Why? Well, because when it comes down to it, most people rather hope and wish then take action. Besides, they can't fail if they don't take action, right?

They don't have to face any discomfort if they're constantly trying something new. Before they're even able to roll their sleeves up, they're already onto the next one.

There's a reason why 10% of all bestselling books are diet books. I study these lists religiously. I also read all of these books!

Here's a post I wrote about why I'll never write a bestselling diet book.

In life, I've learned that everyone has two businesses. They have their own business and your business! Everyone thinks they know exactly how you should live or exactly the type of diet you should be following or exactly the type of person you should be dating or exactly the thing you should do or how you should be raising your kids and on and on.

Remember this, though. As one of my mentors always tells me: "If you give 1000 monkeys each a piano, one of them is bound to play the first 4 notes of Beethoven's symphony."

When choosing who to listen to a track record of consistent success is far important than a big score.

Nothing beats the tried and true rules of consistency. Nothing!


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