They won by a walk-off home run

I hope you acted like the person you really want to be yesterday. If not, that's okay. That's what today is for.

Baseball is in full swing and pretty soon the World Series will be here.

Speaking of baseball Jason Werth hit a two-run, walk off home run in the bottom of the 9th to give the Philadelphia Phillies a 7-6 win over the Washington Nationals yesterday.

Of course, in a 7 to 6 baseball game like yesterday you don't win by a home run. You win because before the home run, you scored five runs. And you win because before the two-run home run, you limited the other side to six runs. The home run was merely the last event.

Winning by a walk off home run is equivalent to seeing that man or woman at work talking about how they lost 35 pounds.

The last event has a huge impact for people.

But what I want you to realize is that although there's more glory near the end of the game, there's way more leverage at the beginning of it.

If you're doing the right things in the first place (and we certainly are) *consistently* we'll get that home run at the end!

But what so many people forget to realize is that there is no such thing as an overnight success.

It's just that the glory is near the end of the game.

Losing weight is never about a hammer hitting plate glass. It's never about winning by a walk off home run.

You have no idea what those people do to lose weight. I can assure you though that seeing them at work talking about their success is the last event.

Losing weight is almost always about the accrued power of a thousand meals, meals that accrue, morsel by morsel until your body is ready to change, starting a downward trend.

Hockey legend, Wayne Gretzky said, "100% of the shots you don't take don't go in."

In other words, you gotta take the shots but even before you can take the shots - you gotta get in the game.

In other, other words: every healthy meal, every healthy choice, every sacrifice, every compromise - puts us in the position so we can actually win by a home run!

As I say, your body never lies. I'll also say this:

Life is like walking through snow, every step shows.

Batter up!


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