How to get more done with less time

I've heard every excuse as to why a human being can't exercise. Heck, I've used a bunch of them to rationalize my lack of working out too!

But when we make time to exercise, as opposed to finding time, it's impossible to miss a workout. Because we made time.

I don't care as to when you exercise. I care as to if you exercise.

However, some of us are apparently busier than the busiest people in the world because somehow we can't - even though they make time to exercise each day.

So this inspiration is dedicated to those who need more time. Since we can't create more time, we need to get more done with less time.

Sounds good right?

Did you ever hear of the zone or flow? The zone is often said when athletes are on fire. For example, it felt like Michael Jordan was often in the zone. He wouldn't miss a shot for a span of 10 minutes.

When we're not thinking about anything else in the moment but the task at hand we're in the zone.

Chances are:

-You have a lot of goals/tasks/to-do's floating around your head that need to get done

-You never know if you performed (i.e., you won or lost)

-You have the tomorrow disease. "If I don't do it today, I can always do it tomorrow!"

Performing at our peak takes getting into the zone or flow -- with one distinct, clear goal that lets us know if we succeeded.

Here's how we know if we succeeded or not --->

-If I accomplish X in Y minutes/hours, I win!

-If I don't accomplish X in Y minutes/hours, I lose!

Psychologically giving our selves a win/lose scenario gets us going and performing!

The losses also give us feedback on what we can do to win in future scenarios. (i.e., not check email every 5 seconds, stop visiting Facebook, not reading xyz blog until we finish the task at hand, etc.)

So the question is how do we get into the zone in our every day life?

-Choose something you want to get done or start getting done in the next 5 minutes. (It can be as simple as cleaning the kitchen floor.)

-Set a timer


You = in the zone!

Use the above model to tackle all sorts of stuff/goals/tasks/projects

We all love games! Make it a game. Keep track of your win/loss record.

And you'll be performing ridiculously more.

Or, you can just perform the same amount you currently do, and have a lot more time...

time for...exercise! :)

Of course, a lot of our stress comes from the gazillion things we need/want to get done. If we can get more done, we'll be less stressed and be less likely to emotionally eat.

Try it.

On your marks.

Get set...



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