How do I stop eating at night and what to do about it

"How do I stop eating at night? What do I do about it?"

I get this question a lot. This post will help you stop eating at night.

"Food has replaced sex in my life. Now I can't even get into my own pants." -Anonymous

Why do so many of us feel in control during the day but when nighttime comes it’s hard for us to avoid indulging and/or overeating?

Overeating and indulging is a way for us to change the way we feel. Or more so numb how we feel - so we don’t have to feel anything.

The only way to overcome overeating at night is to get to the root cause of our hunger. It’s never about the food. It’s about what the food allows us to avoid.

The evening is the time many of us overeat because we’re emotionally (and physically) exhausted.

It might be the first chance we have all day to actually think. We’re no longer running a million miles per minute. Our kids are sleeping, the emails have slowed down, we’re no longer at work…it’s just us.

To stop eating at night it's important to ask ourselves some questions.

Questions help us to change our perspective and that’s the idea. They also help us get to the root cause of our hunger.

Here are some to get started:

What does the nighttime represent to me?

Am I lonely?

Do I wish I was with a lover?

Am I dreading another day of work?

Do I have anything to look forward to?

Am I overwhelmed by all the stuff around me?

Am I overwhelmed by all the stuff that needs to get done?

When is the last time I truly had fun?

Am I bored?

Am I intellectually challenged?

Does my significant other make me feel lonely because I don’t connect with them in a way that I want?

If we want to crack the code on why we overeat at night, let’s start asking ourselves these questions. Again, it’s never about the food. It’s about what the food allows us to avoid.

Here’s the deal, though: Deep down we may know (even though we might not want to acknowledge) the real reason. And if we don’t know the real reason, asking these questions will help.

Making big life changes is terrifying.

If we’re going to ‘stick it out’ whatever “it” is, and choose (because it is a choice) unhappiness over uncertainty here’s my advice:

Make the best of your situation and accept it. I mean this as sincerely as possible.

Let’s not fight reality, though. A reality that’s in our control to change.

Because we can change it. Or we can make the best of it. But complaining, like teetering, is useless. It's going to wind up driving you crazy.

If we’re not going to change what is, we might as well love what is – otherwise, we’re going to suffer.

Let's start thinking about these questions. If you need some help, we’re always here for you.

+ The best way to change a habit is to replace it, rather than quit it. Instead of trying to go from eating dessert every night to eating nothing, try eating something else.

For example, instead of eating ice cream, try eating frozen fruit. Instead of eating chips, try eating crunchy celery + nut butter.

+ Asking ourselves the questions above will help us identify why we want to eat and that’s critical. Because if we’re not physically hungry then we’re emotionally hungry and emotional hunger is never about the food. It’s about what the food allows us to avoid.

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