How to be Disciplined

Happy Friday Team!

I believe happiness is the name of the game - making yourself happy and the people around you happy.

I also believe achievement is the key to happiness. Growing, evolving, and changing (for the better) is what it's about.

But how do we achieve?

Well, we need to be disciplined. Discipline, then, is the key to happiness.

What is discipline?

Discipline is doing what we really want to do deep down without letting temptations get in our way. Discipline is being focused on the outcomes and feelings we want to feel. Discipline is listening to our long term, rational mind as opposed to our short term, irrational mind.

Discipline is driving to our destination without making a rest stop.

When I say destination I mean either going to the gym, going for a run, preparing a healthy meal, choosing a healthy meal, etc.

The destination in this case are all the tasks that help us get to where we want to be.

The climb up is always more fun than reaching the summit. The journey is where it's at. All the fun and challenge and growth and evolution happens during the journey.

In order to be disciplined, though, we need to make sacrifices. Sacrifices are absolutely the key to discipline. If you're not making any sacrifices you're not being very disciplined because there's always a constant battle between our short term and long term self.

Sacrifices come in the form of:

Going 3 extra reps...when you're in pain.

Running an extra 5 minutes...when you feel like stopping.

Putting the fork down when you're satisfied...but not full.

Squeezing your muscles extra hard as you're working out..even though it hurts.

Waking up early...even though you'd like to sleep late.

Dealing with your opposed to eating them.

Submitting your feedback...even though you ate poorly.

So today and this weekend, see how many sacrifices you're making. Think about them. Every time you do, you're one step closer to feeling (and looking) the way you want.

Every single day we're tempted. Every day is another chance to give in. Every day is a battle.

That's why it's important to practice making sacrifices. Keep filling up that space on the Daily Feedback. It's there for a reason and it becomes a very fun game.

It's there because the more sacrifices we make, the more disciplined we'll be. And the more disciplined we are, the happier we'll be!


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