How to Change in Less than a Second

I hope you had an awesome, fun, and active weekend! And if you didn't that's okay. It's never to late to change. And if you did - you still might want more...

Enter one-minute excellence!

I can sense the curling of your lips. While such a catchphrase makes me shudder, too, it contains a gem waiting to be discovered.

How do you go on an effective diet? How do you stop smoking? How do you stop drinking?

In short, you do it, and it's done. Then you work like hell for the rest of your life to stay on the weight-maintenance, non-smoking, or booze-free wagon.

A while back, I came across a line attributed to IBM founder Thomas Watson. If you want to achieve excellence, he said, you can get there today. As of this second, quit doing less-than-excellent work.

The idea is extremely profound.

Suppose you're a waiter (I used to be one) and, for your own future's sake (not because of pressure from the owner who runs the restaurant), you decide to set matchless standard for service.


You do it. Now.

Sure, you'll be clumsy at first. You'll get a lot of it wrong. You'll need to prepare, listen to CD's, take classes, visit other restaurants to collect clues, hire a coach, and read and sign up for all the appropriate material.

And you'll need to keep doing such things to maintain your edge (as an opera

singer or professional athlete does) until the day you hang up your corkscrew.

Nonetheless, you can become excellent in a nanosecond, starting with your first guest tonight. Simply picture yourself, even if it's a very fuzzy picture, as the greatest waiter ever - and start accordingly.

Put yourself in lights on Broadway, as a world-class waiter; then perform what you set out to do.

Does it sound silly? Wild? Naive? Maybe, but it isn't.

The first 99.9 percent of getting from here to there is the determination to do it and not compromise, no matter what sort of roadblocks those around you (including peers) create.

The last 99.9 percent ( I know it adds up to more than 100 percent - that's life) is working like the devil to 1) keep your spirits up through inevitable storms 2) gain insight every day, and 3) practice that something, awkward or not, until it's become part of your nature.

Once the fire is lit, assume you've arrived - and never, ever look back or do anything, no matter how trivial, that's inconsistent with your new found quality persona.

Change IS that simple. Honest.


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