It's Alive!!!

I went to the doctor this morning to get a check up. I like to get my cholesterol tested because heart disease runs in my family. So, after the nurse took some blood, she asked whether I wanted a band-aid or medical tape to put on my arm.

I asked her what would hurt less.

"Why is everyone so afraid of pain?!" she says. "Pain means you're alive!"

"We all need to enjoy pain more! Too many people are dying and would love to feel pain!"

I was thinking about that for a while after I left and it's so true. We fear pain. We fear that little prick a needle makes. We avoid it as much as we can.

Yet, in that moment, as the needle is penetrating my skin I feel alive!

And what is there to fear but fear itself?

Pain is good. Unless it kills you, it helps you grow. It helps you become stronger. "If I was able to deal with that, I can definitely deal with this!"

That perspective and that foundation and that insight is with you for the rest of your life.

Talk to someone who has faced some pretty tough things in their life and they'll have more depth and perspective than the person who hasn't.

Talk to someone who has been laid off from a job and they'll have more depth and perspective about what it means to have job security.

Talk to someone who has lost a loved one and they'll have more depth and perspective about what it means to appreciate your loved ones now!

And on and on.

In every case, and the countless examples I can think of, the person who has experienced more pain and more discomfort has more to offer than the person who hasn't.

Which leads us to our everyday life. We get to experience and enjoy pain each day!

Yet, we'll do anything to avoid it!

When there is junk food and we say, "Heck no! I don't want that crap!" that's a type of pain. That discomfort makes us stronger. Yet we're so scared to face that pain. To feel that discomfort.

When we're running or walking and our legs start hurting. Our feet hurt. Our mind wants to quit so badly. But you're only at 15 minutes. Or 25 minutes. Or 45 minutes. And you still have 15 minutes left...what are you going to do? Are you going to avoid that pain? That discomfort? Or are you going to embrace it. And enjoy it?

When we're faced with a decision on whether or not to eat healthfully. What do you choose? The easy one where this is no discomfort now? Or the one where you face a tiny bit of discomfort and get to feel great later for making the decision you really wanted to make!?

So today, I want you to seek pain. And when it's present, enjoy it. Be mindful of it. Crave it.

Because after all, feeling pain and discomfort means you're alive!!!


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