Uphills Vs. Downhills

I hope you had a terrific weekend!

One of my favorite activities besides hanging out with my 9 month old nephew is bike riding. And there's certainly a lesson in it for all of us.

Most of us, look forward to the downhills because we can coast along without much effort. The entire ride (if it's a challenging one) consists of barely surviving the uphills so you can enjoy the easier and fast parts - the downhills.

Let's face it: The uphills are very difficult.

The problem with downhills is that although they are fast, it's crazy. If you're on a challenging route - the uphills are insane but the downhills are just nuts.

What if you looked forward to the uphills?

That's where the work is. The fun is. The improvement is. On the uphills, you have a reasonable shot at gain over last time.

The problem with downhills is that I can't go much faster than I did last time due to the laws of physics and safety!

Most people spend their days looking forward to those extremely rare moments when everything goes right:

When there are no temptations. When the gym isn't too crowded. When it's not too humid outside. When you got 8.1 hours of sleep the night before. When your shelves are fully stocked with healthy and nutritious foods. When your kids are behaving. When your boss is nice. When the weather is perfect. When you're feeling just right.

But imagine how much of an advantage we'd have if we spent our time maximizing those moments when it doesn't?

In other words, this week let's embrace the uphills!

Not the downhills.


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