No means Yes and Yes means No

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us! That means lots of temptations, lots of bbq's and lots of ice cream.

Hopefully, that leads to a lot of, "No thank yous!"

Today's inspiration is a guest inspiration. It's from a client named Randy, and he's doing really well so far. It's always fun to witness the transformation in a client's energy via their emails and how they talk and write. He sent the below to me the other day and suggested I use it as inspiration.

Anyway, without further ado here's Randy:

As a new client who is enjoying Adam's coaching, I have been watching my behavior to see what I'm consciously changing and how I can best develop new habits. So far, the notion of really asking myself why am I about to eat is powerful. Two thirds of my eating impulses from 3pm on and three quarters of them after 7pm were habit, boredom, or to make me feel better. Thanks to Adam and the MyBodyTutor principles, I know what to do with these impulses now.

Before I became serious about losing the rest of my gut and laying down the hard goal of seeing abs by age forty, I would find it odd to be out with one of my really fit friends who, when asked to share a dessert or have an ice cream or partake in a pastry with coffee, would constantly say no.

I used to think that he was a bit of a "Mr. No Fun". Handsome, cut, ripped, but how was he living without enjoying at least some of that sugary food?

Three weeks into the MBT program I was seeing great results. A string of 5-star eating days and 5-star workout days had me on a roll and I was seeing ribs I hadn't seen in...well a long time! That same day I really noticed my progress, I went out with some friends, and they ordered a number of delicious desserts to share.

When the friend who was handing out portions passed one for me, I smiled and said no. They were surprised and I gently but firmly commented that I wasn't hungry. When pressed, I explained that I had some training goals in mind that the coffee would be fine.

I realized in that moment of saying no I was really saying yes to myself.

I said yes to my plan, and yes to consistency. I said yes to the guy I want to see tanning, strolling and running on the beach this summer in France for my fortieth birthday. I realized that all of us who stick to our goals say no but mean yes many times each day.

So next time you say no to the lemon tart, to the mochachino with whipped cream or the triple chocolate geleto cone, smile, knowing that on the inside, you are saying yes.

Your decision to say no but mean yes will make all the difference.

* *

I think that's a perfect inspiration and a great way to think about the choices we're going to face this weekend!


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