The Most Powerful Question You Can Ask Yourself When It Comes to Food

Emotional eating is one of the top causes of obesity in the world. Emotional eating is when we eat to change the way we feel. We're not physically hungry, we're hungry for something else.

We eat because we're bored, lonely, miserable, stressed, anxious, uncomfortable, tired, or any one of a number of reasons - none of which has anything to do with real physical hunger.

Remember: Physical hunger comes on gradually. Emotional hunger comes on suddenly.

If you eat based on emotional/habitual/mindless hunger, your body will never feel satisfied by food. This is why emotional eaters never feel full. They never get the signal to stop eating because they weren't hungry for food in the first place.

Many of us have the dysfunctional habit of eating when we feel upset, lonely, bored or just want to escape reality for a few minutes. This habit stems from a misunderstanding of why we feel what we feel.

Let's think of an emotion as someone knocking on your door to deliver a message. If the message is urgent the knock is loud. If it's very urgent it's very loud. But if it's very urgent and you don't answer the door, the knock will get louder and louder until we open the door or the door gets broken down!

Either way, the messenger will keep trying until it delivers the message. Just like our emotions will continue to come up until we finally pay attention to them.

And as soon as we 'open the door' by listening to the emotional message and taking action, the emotion will go away. And if it comes back, it won't be nearly as loud.

You don't have to be a victim anymore if you're willing to open the door.

So onto one of the most powerful questions you can ever ask yourself when it comes to food:

Drum roll please!

"Am I hungry, or am I eating to change the way I feel?"

It turns out that 95% of the time when we eat poorly, we're eating because of the way we feel.

The scary part is that when we actually open the door, and listen to the message, we may not like what we hear. We may get scared, we may want to crawl up into a little ball, and we may want to do a lot of things. That's okay. At least you faced the monster!

The only way to overcome emotional eating is to engage in some self-discovery. To listen to what you really want (hint: it's not food). And the more you tell me on your feedback, the sooner we can identify triggers and come up with strategies that work for you.

I've helped many people who are lifelong emotional eaters overcome their emotional eating. As rewarding as it is for me, it's even more rewarding for them. As scary as it might seem, it's worth 'opening the door'.

I'm right here for you. In fact, I'll be right next to you when you open the door.

"Am I hungry, or am I eating to change the way I feel?"

Next week, we'll talk about 3 questions you can ask yourself once you realize you're not hungry for food and also why we're so scared to actually open the door.


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