Decisions, Choices and Lebron James

Anyone who's a fan of basketball knows that tonight, Lebron James, is announcing his decision of where he's signing.

Either he's going to stay in Cleveland, or sign with Chicago, Miami, or New York.

Once he makes his decision, it's final. He can't change his mind.

However, we make decisions all of the time. In fact, life is a series of choices.

Unfortunately (na, fortunately!), we're not robots. We're human beings.

Economists love to refer to us as Econs. They believe that we're rational beings and that we'll always choose what's best for us. Ha!

We're all predictably irrational.

And thankfully, in our day to day life, especially when it comes to our diet and exercise, we're not making irreversible choices.

There in lies the problem. Just because you made a decision to lose weight, or eat better, or realize your body's full potential - doesn't mean you're never going to revert back to your old ways from time to time.

That's silly! What? Just because you decided that you'll never overeat again, you're never going to overeat again in your entire life? Or never have too much dessert?

That's crazy talk.

Behavior change is extremely hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone in this world would be exactly who they want to be.

Instead, we rationalize and justify our choices so we can (comfortably) live with ourselves.

The question, though, is what do you do once you make a bad choice? Do you make another bad choice afterward because it "doesn't count anymore"?

"Ah, I'll start tomorrow," we say to ourselves. Momentum is EXTREMELY powerful. It can be our worst or best friend.

Most people fall off track for days, weeks and even months at a time - all because of one bad choice that set them off.

Instead, let's embrace the bad choices. Hey, the milk already spilled!

And let's obsess, that's right - obsess - over the question, "How quickly can I recover?"

Oh and when Lebron decides he'll be playing in NY, he won't have to worry about recovering quickly. Because it's going to be the start of a dynasty! [I'm sorry my fellow Florida and Illinois clients. No Ohio clients. :) ]


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