Two Ways To Be Motivated

I think there's two types of motivators that can be very powerful forces in our lives.

One might look at one (or both) of their parents, friends, colleagues, or someone they know, and want to be nothing like him/her.

Sometimes, I think being around what you don't want to be, is just as, if not more, powerful.

And then of course there are positive role models. We look up to these people and love what they are about. We wish we could be more like them. We admire them for what they do, how they do it, and who they are.

We can choose our significant other and friends but we can't choose our family, co-workers and boss (for the most part). And sometimes because your friends are so intertwined, you can't choose who you're around.

So what to do?

What if you looked at all of the people in your life and picked off their best qualities? Instead of letting the people you dislike ruin your day, why not use them as inspiration.

Make it a grab bag.

Say you admire a certain quality about a person. Go. Take it!

Ohhh! I like that quality about her! Go. Take it!

Ehh! But she has this quality I don't really like. Skip that! Go for the good things.

Uh oh. Here comes your boss who you absolutely despise. Note to self: This is what you don't want to be. You don't ever want to be or act like him/her!

Knowing what you don't want to be is just as important as knowing what you want to be.

I believe we are all actors playing who want to be in this beautiful show called, "Life!"

Why not play the character you've always wanted to be?

Is she sexy, strong and confident? Is he cool, calm and disciplined? Whatever characteristics you want your character to have - you can have!

Don't say things like, "That's not me," or "I wish I could," or "I just can't play that type of character."

Just do!

Start acting like the character you want to be. Stop acting like the characters you certainly don't want to be right now.

Try it.

There's nothing like show business.

The cool thing is if you keep acting a certain way, you'll become that way!


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