Unveiling the mask behind highly motivated people

Hi Team,

Motivation is a huge business in America. There are thousands of speakers waiting to motivate us on any subject we can imagine.

Motivation is worth every penny.

For example, I believe everyone should (and can) be in awesome shape. But not everyone is.

The reason why is because it's very hard to stay consistent with our exercise and/or healthy eating.

If you don’t have a problem staying consistent with your diet and/or exercise, you should be in great shape.

A highly motivated person wouldn’t have any problem staying consistent though.

["Adam! Aren't you calling us lazy then?" you might think. No not at all! I'm about to unveil what's really behind motivated people.]

As Zig Ziglar said, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.”

But most people keep searching for more tactics. The problem with that strategy is it delays action. And consistent action is the only way to get to where we want to be.

I don’t think you can teach someone to be motivated. Motivation has to come from with in.

However; I know inspiration can absolutely make someone motivated!

I believe motivation occurs once a switch is flipped in our mind. Maybe we caught a glimpse of our self in the mirror and don’t like what we see. Maybe our jeans aren’t fitting the way they used to. Maybe we have a vacation coming up. Maybe a Rocky marathon is on TV. Maybe our Body Tutor wrote something that hit home.

Inspiration, on the other hand, is all about looking inside our selves. Connections we make are far more powerful than connections made for us.

If he can do it why can’t I? If she can do it why can’t I? If I was able to do this back then why can’t I do it now?

I don’t know any kid who dreams of being overweight and out of shape. It just happens. Life happens! Work, kids, friends, and on and on….(I know! That's why I started MBT.)

But when no one is forcing us to look inside our selves (I believe good inspiration should) and to be honest with our selves; it’s really easy to lose sight of the life we want to lead.

It’s really easy to rationalize all of our excuses.

I know professional athletes that have 3 coaches. Why shouldn’t we?

[The point is they're constantly surrounding themselves with inspiration, and that's why they appear so motivated.]

These highly successful people are highly motivated...so it appears...because they're constantly being inspired. But like any human being, we slip up and sometimes we lose sight of where we’re going and we lose our motivation.

This is when we should:

Listen to our favorite music. Look at pictures. Read old inspirations. Reach out to our Body Tutor. And do whatever it is we do that inspires us.

Know the difference between motivation and inspiration. And when you’re loosing motivation; seek inspiration!

Also, if you’re losing motivation often then you should:

Surround yourself with more inspiring people. Accomplish one small task every day. And take a look at everything around you. What’s bringing you down?

You don’t want mediocrity for yourself. You know you don’t. The most successful people I know are constantly investing in inspiration.

Inspiration = Successful. Successful = happy.


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