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@jimmyhudson if you want results talk to @mybodytutor

Benjamin Williams

I just got my first feedback from MBT and I have to say that I'm more than

impressed! The information was useful, insightful, and practical. Thanks Adam!

Bill Schrier

Learned this from @MyBodyTutor years ago!

Brian Kotlyar

@MyBodyTutor Nope! Thanks Adam for helping me lose 90 lbs for my birthday this year, best gift ever!

Looking forward to next year ;-)

Daniel Reifenberger

Another day, another pound down - thanks @mybodytutor

Heather Shields

@noahkagan Thank you for recommending MyBody Tutor on the Tim Ferriss podcast. Love these results!

Jason Nochlin

@MyBodyTutor SO excited to start your program and stop yo-yoing weight gain and loss!


@megkep thank me after a month. one of the best a things ive ever been a part of. cc/ @MyBodyTutor

Noah Kagan

#TBT to meeting @ptmoney, who lost 70 pounds in 5 months. Notice his hashtag: Forever changed. MBT will be the last program he ever does.

Philip Taylor

Friends and fam. There is an amazing program out there for any of you that struggle with emotional eating and drinking. It's called My Body Tutor and it has changed my life. Now the weight loss postpartum is a perk as I'm now about 20 pounds lighter over the course of 4 months with the program. However, I went into it with the intention that I wanted to be at my best emotionally and healthwise...and now I am. Check out if any of you want to jump in.

Rebecca Raas

Staying on track, even while on call! Thanks Adam! @MyBodyTutor

Shannon Winauk

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