Working with my coach, I let go of guilt, restriction, force, willpower, counting calories, and the endless "food rules."





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Before MyBodyTutor, I knew that one of the keys for me to lose weight was having a routine with structure around it, and including exercise or being active as part of it. I would be able to stick with my routine successfully for a while. But eventually, either a life event or schedule change would come along, and instead of adapting, I would stop. When I was out of my routine, I would struggle to make time for myself, which usually meant I would stop exercising and then stop eating healthy too. Before MyBodyTutor, I knew this cycle had happened repeatedly, but I didn’t know what to do about it or how to change it.

I’d been on and off diets most of my adult life. I’d worked with nutritionists and trainers, and I’d been a member of Weight Watchers for many, many years. I’d succeeded in losing significant weight several different times, but eventually something would come along (usually a stressful work or life event) that knocked me off the healthy path I was on, and eventually I regained the weight.

What was missing for me was learning to let go of my perfectionistic, all-or-nothing way of thinking - expecting myself to be perfectly on plan and, if not, then giving up. Like Adam says in the article, I needed to change my weight-loss mindset to embrace the power of progress. Working with my amazing coach, I learned the value of taking small steps, doing things a little bit better than before, being a little more consistent, and not expecting myself to be perfect all the time. I also learned not to worry so much about the mistakes or slip-ups and instead just to focus on making the next healthy decision. These mindset shifts changed everything for me.

One day I was doing a load of laundry, bent over to pick up the basket from the floor, and struggled to stand up straight. In that moment, I realized that I wasn’t living my life the way I wanted it to be. I knew I needed to make a change, a real change. Not just to lose weight, which I’d done on and off for many, many years, but to change my underlying unhealthy habits and patterns. I knew I needed help making this change in my lifestyle, but I didn’t know where I could get the help I was seeking.

As a default, I was about to start over – again – with a major weight loss company (Weight Watchers), like I’d done so many times before. I read an article on their website about how the right personal mantra could be a powerful motivator for weight loss. I liked the idea, but the suggested phrases in the article didn’t resonate with me. So I Googled "weight loss mantras" and discovered Adam’s article on "Progress, Not Perfection." This was it! It was exactly the different way of thinking that I was looking for; it was my mantra. I researched MyBodyTutor a little and joined the program.

The main things holding me back from signing up with MyBodyTutor were that I’d never heard of it before, didn’t know anyone who’d been on the program, and didn’t know if it was "for real." I did some online research and found testimonials where people said they asked the same question, then joined, and it changed their lives. I decided that since MyBodyTutor offered a 30-day money-back guarantee, I had nothing to lose.

My hopes before joining MyBodyTutor were:

  • To be strong, fit, and healthy;

  • To be more active and energetic in my mid-40s than I was in my 30s;

  • To set a good example for my kids and improve the health of my family;

  • To change my relationship with food; and 

  • To make health and wellness a lasting, long-term, sustainable part of my every-day life.

This month marks the 5-year anniversary of an extraordinary journey that has transformed not just my body but my entire perspective on health and well-being. I'm at a place that far exceeds even my most optimistic hopes. I embarked on my MyBodyTutor journey tired of the cycle of yo-yo dieting and the endless pendulum of weight loss and gain. Working with my coach, who believed in me even when I doubted myself, I created a more sustainable, joyful approach to food.

My physical transformation is impossible to ignore - I lost 65 lbs in 9 months and have sustained my weight loss for the past 5 years. But that was only one part of the overall changes I experienced. Guided by mindful eating, I learned that lasting results come from listening to my body's cues. I found freedom in letting go of dieting rules, force, and restriction and instead embraced a lifestyle that felt natural, enjoyable, and sustainable. I also built a deeper connection with myself, tapped into a reservoir of dedication, and discovered the magic of self-care. Where once I struggled to pick up a laundry basket, I now find joy in movement, including weightlifting, boxing, yoga, and simply walking outside. Today, my healthy, happy, and active lifestyle is not just an aspiration, it’s my reality.

Amazingly, my transformation journey didn't stop with me. Now, I’m starting my own health, wellness, and mindful eating coaching business, and I have the privilege of coaching others on their paths towards lasting wellness. I'm dedicated to helping others achieve their goals, whether that's weight loss, mindful eating, or cultivating a healthier relationship with food and their bodies.

If someone were to ask where I am now, I’d say I'm in a space of balance, well-being, and joy, deeply committed to my own journey and equally passionate about helping others on theirs. My hopes for MyBodyTutor were surpassed, my life has profoundly changed, and my journey has been a huge success. But we are all works in progress, and I can't wait to see what comes next!

MyBodyTutor is fantastic! With MyBodyTutor, I had a personal coach who was by my side every step of the way as I changed not just my body but my entire life. My coach encouraged me, guided me, and held me accountable each and every day. Having a coach to provide support through challenges and help celebrate the countless small wins, was a complete game changer!

The other way that MyBodyTutor is different is the focus on mindset, self-awareness, and habit change. Working with my coach, I let go of guilt, restriction, force, willpower, counting calories, and the endless "food rules." Instead, through mindfulness and self-reflection, I learned to listen to and trust my body’s hunger and fullness cues – to eat when I was hungry and not eat when I was not. It was an entirely new way of approaching food, and as a result, I created the more harmonious, balanced, and joyful relationship with food that I’d always wanted.

When I first began this journey, the road ahead seemed long and filled with challenges. The idea of making a big, lasting lifestyle change felt overwhelming and daunting. But here's what I learned: the first step is often the hardest, yet it's also the most crucial.

The building blocks of my weight loss were small, simple changes, repeated consistently over time, that accumulated and became amazing results. You just can’t overhaul your life overnight. In my case, mindful eating became my compass, guiding me literally one food choice and one meal at a time. I found joy and freedom in learning to listen to my body and letting go of old dieting rules and restrictions, and so can others. Transformation is a process, it’s not an event.

One key piece of advice I'd like to emphasize is the power of having a dedicated coach by your side. My lasting transformation wouldn’t have happened like it did without the help of my coach, who believed in me even when I doubted myself. Her guidance and unwavering support made all the difference and gave me the encouragement I needed to persevere. We all need someone who believes in us, especially when taking that first courageous step.

I also discovered that while my journey is uniquely mine, it has the power to inspire others. It's like a ripple effect. Now that I've experienced lasting lifestyle change firsthand, I’m thrilled to coach others on their journeys. 

So if someone is sitting there contemplating whether or not to take the plunge: do it. Take that first step. You'll never know all the incredible places it may lead you until you do. Transformation is possible, and you are worth it!

Results 65 pounds gone

What did you say to yourself as you were reading Lisa's story?

It's fascinating when we start to notice our own behavior. Typically, we distance ourselves from that person. We find something they have that we don't. We make them into something other than an ordinary, regular person. Then, we create an excuse for why we can't achieve the same level of success.

The most important thing to realize: Whatever anyone else has done or become, you can do or become as well, with the right support, guidance and accountability.

Here's the best part: I guarantee it or your money back. I sincerely believe in what we offer that much. I know MyBodyTutor will be the last program you ever do or need.

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