If you are considering this program and are on the fence, please set aside your doubts and give it a try. It will change your life in all the best ways possible.




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If Jeanne can do it with MBT you can too. Yes, YOU! (No, we're not yelling. We just really believe in what we do.)

1) How did you find out about us?

I Googled nutrition/weight loss coaching and spent a lot of time reviewing websites. I reached out to a few individual dieticians who were willing to take me on, but when I read about My Body Tutor and read the testimonials, I decided to give that a try instead. I liked that it combined coaching with accountability and seemed to focus on holistic lifestyle changes instead of just food choices or exercise routines.

2) What have you tried in the past?

I've tried Weight Watchers, keto, intermittent fasting, Whole 30, vegan diet, and other things I'm sure I'm forgetting. I have been intermittently very active – I've completed three full marathons and was a member of a CrossFit gym for several years – but was usually intimidated by those workouts and had an all or nothing mentality that prevented me developing a sensible and consistent routine.

3) What was the main reason, doubt or insecurity that was holding you back from signing up?

It was unclear exactly what was involved with tutoring and I wasn't sure I would feel comfortable with my tutor (I was so wrong!). The cost seemed reasonable but isn't inexpensive so I needed to weigh the expense with what I expected to gain. I have a habit of signing up for things when inspired but not following through with the hard work. Being held accountable by my tutor prevented me from falling into that trap again.

4) What was life like before you started working with MBT?

In response to the pandemic I shifted to working from home where I had constant access to food. I was frequently eating whatever sounded good at the moment out of boredom, stress, and for other reasons that had nothing to do with actual hunger. I have two daughters who both struggle with making healthy nutrition and exercise choices. I felt like I was failing them by not setting a better example. I didn't want them eating things they “shouldn't” so if I bought those things I'd eat them in secret which just made me feel shame.

5) What were your hopes before joining?

I hoped I would develop a healthy relationship with food and exercise. I quite enjoy eating healthy foods, actually, but found myself mindlessly making less desirable choices. I wanted to understand why, break that cycle, and serve as a better role model for my girls.

6) How is MBT different from the billion other companies out there?

The core of MBT is a focus on mindfulness, reflection and self-awareness. It seemed too simple but by cutting out the distraction of counting calories, excessive meal planning, restricted foods and the like and focusing on the mindfulness skills my tutor taught me (and consistently reinforced) I was able to meet my goals in a way that was insightful and incredibly effective. Focusing on the choices I make each day instead of an end goal of weight loss made all the difference.

7) Where are you now?

My goal was to lose 30 pounds and I am maintaining that weight loss with ease. I've actually lost a bit more than that and weigh only 10 pounds more than I did when I graduated high school (I'm 49). I enjoy exercise now, and consider it something I want to do instead of something I have to do because of the energy, stress relief and feeling of strength it provides. I know there will be times I get off track and that is okay, too; I can let it go because I have the mindset and the tools to get back on track. The awareness and mindfulness my tutor taught me has spilled over in such a positive way to other areas of my life. I am far more intentional now, not just in what I choose to eat or how I move my body, but also how I spend my time, how I choose to respond in the face of stress or discomfort, and the thoughts I choose to believe.

If you are considering this program and are on the fence, please set aside your doubts and give it a try. It will change your life in all the best ways possible.

I am grateful for MyBodyTutor. Thank you for giving me the tools to become a better version of myself and someone my family can look up to.

Results 30 pounds gone

What did you say to yourself as you were reading Jeanne's story?
It's fascinating when we start to notice our own behavior. Typically, we distance ourselves from that person. We find something they have that we don't. We make them into something other than an ordinary, regular person. Then, we create an excuse for why we can't achieve the same level of success.
The most important thing to realize: Whatever anyone else has done or become, you can do or become as well, with the right support, guidance and accountability.
Here's the best part: I guarantee it or your money back. I sincerely believe in what we offer that much. I know MBT will be the last program you ever do or need.

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