Hi, I’m Kate! I love helping people transform their health with power and freedom, so they can reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and enjoy all of the wonderful things life has to offer.

I’ve always been active and love being outdoors. In high school, I was involved in track and field, gymnastics and basketball. Unfortunately, once I entered college, I stopped being active and my eating habits began to suffer.

As I was very busy with school work, I always justified why I didn’t have time to eat properly. I’d eat whatever was around. Usually, it wasn’t nutritious. This went on for years. I had no plan in place, was malnourished with no energy, and always felt tired. I was tired of being tired all the time!

In 2007, I realized that I needed to make a change. I discovered the power of a transformational education program that inspired me to become a credentialed life coach. Of course, the first area I tackled was my health. I uncovered hidden roadblocks that stopped me from doing the things I knew I should and wanted to do.

My coach and I dug in deep, and together we discovered that I had a fair amount of emotional baggage. I also learned how powerful a great coach can be. I had to face things about myself that I had neglected in the past in order for anything to change. It wasn’t easy but it was well worth it! If I can do it, you can too.

Since then, I’ve helped countless people do the same thing. I specialize in disrupting and transforming brain patterns that block us from moving forward. I learned the power of our minds and how emotions impact our everyday choices.

Why I joined My Body Tutor

When I discovered MBT and learned about Adam’s methodology, I was ecstatic. I knew I could bring a lot to the table with my expertise in transformation. One of my life’s goals has been to make a difference for people who want to live a healthy lifestyle they love. MBT allows me the platform to merge my love of health and wellness with my love of positive life transformation. When we have purpose, we have the power to overcome anything. I’m really excited to work with you! Together, we can make it happen! Xo – Kate

Fun Facts About Me:

  1. I am an avid yogi and love to kayak.

  2. I tend to get lost in writing poems.

  3. I create meaningful art for self-expression.

  4. I dig transformation seminars to learn and grow myself.

  5. Keep your eyes peeled, you may see me in TV commercials.

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