I have always been quick to fall into fad dieting traps. I’ve spent most of my 20s trying to keep up with the latest food and workout trends so I could meet the societal beauty standards and feel confident. No matter what I did or how I looked, I still felt the need to be better. Finally, it hit me – not only was I striving to meet a made up standard to feel good about myself, but this is exactly what the trendy diets are made for: if they worked you wouldn’t need to keep up with the next cool thing! What hit me was that dieting wasn’t working and it wasn’t meant to work so that people will keep getting stuck in the fad diet cycle.

At that point I started focusing on what I personally needed to do to make a healthy lifestyle fit into my schedule. I learned that what’s important is how I think about myself and my relationship with food. And once I figured that out the REAL changes started to happen – I was happy, healthy, and confident. It took some time because I had to unlearn all the unhealthy things that had been forced into my brain about how I should look and what society wanted me to do. I started focusing on what made me happy. Then I started focusing on how I thought about dieting and I realized that losing weight in and of itself wasn’t going to create happiness like I had always thought. I learned about nutrition, how to read labels, found healthy replacements for things I enjoyed that maybe weren’t so healthy. I finally started looking at food as fuel instead.

My professional background is in behavior modification and addiction counseling. I know how to help you recognize and change the thinking patterns that get in the way of changing your behavior. I know how hard and scary change can be, because like I said, I’ve been there before. I am open about by journey because it means I am human. I am a real person who people can relate to.

Why did I want to join MBT?

Growing up, safety wasn’t a guarantee, so I found myself grappling with how to create that for myself from a very young age – controlling food was the way in which I did this. As I got older and developed insight about my relationship with food, I did my best to try to change it, but I did not have anyone to help me. Initially, I fell into the diet culture trap and it took years to find out what I really needed to do! The benefit of MBT is that you get daily support and accountability and we focus on helping you make changes that are sustainable. I wanted to join the team so I could be part of a program that could teach people about the harm that is caused by diet culture and to use my personal experience to help people make difficult changes. I can help guide you by teaching you to address the thoughts/behaviors that keep you feeling stuck, and I can offer support and accountability by pushing you when you need it.

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