10 signs you're emotionally eating

Emotional eating is one of the hardest things to conquer when it comes to eating better.

The first step to managing our emotional eating is to know when we're actually emotionally eating. Awareness is critical. [Read: Is your ego getting in the way?]

The first step to overcoming any challenge is to acknowledge it's there in the first place.

If any of the following sound familiar to you, we're emotional eating:

1. My hunger comes on suddenly

Physical hunger comes on gradually. Emotional hunger comes on suddenly.

2. I crave specific foods

Cravings for specific foods (usually unhealthy) is a sign of emotional hunger. While the rush we get from satisfying a craving is pleasurable, it's emotional hunger. Remember: pleasure is fleeting. That's why we want and more and more of these foods.

3. My hunger feels urgent

In this case we're willing to go out of our way or even eat food that's not ours. Physical hunger doesn't need to be satisfied urgently. Physical hunger is a lot more patient. Emotional hunger feels urgent.

4. I have an upsetting emotion

If we take a look at the last few hours or days, I'll bet we'll find an upsetting event that caused a feeling that triggered the urge to eat.

5. I don't stop eating after I feel full

Emotional hunger usually demands more and more food to feel satisfied. When we're physically hungry, we don't need to be stuffed.

6. It's not located in my stomach

When we're physically hungry, we'll take what we can get. When we're emotionally hungry, we crave the taste of a certain food. We can't stop thinking of a particular food or taste or texture.

7. I didn't even realize how much I just ate

When we're physically hungry our body is alerting us: feed me! So we're alert! But when we're emotionally hungry, we find ourselves just eating to eat. Before you know it, a bar of this or a bag of that is gone.

8. I feel terrible after I eat

Food is good! It's also fuel. Feeding our body what it needs is nothing to feel guilty about. If we feel guilty after we eat, though, it's likely because our rational brain knows we ate for the wrong reasons.

9. You feel that if you can't be perfect it's not worth eating healthfully

Many times if we eat something against the wishes of our long term / rational mind, we figure, "What the heck! I might as well just give in and eat everything!" But there's no such thing as perfection! Progress is perfection.

10. The thought of healthy foods doesn't seem appealing

If we're willing to eat anything we're physically hungry. When we're emotionally hungry, we usually have tunnel vision, and the only thing that seems appealing is the food we're thinking about.

Let's watch out for these. Awareness is the critical first step.



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