A Lesson that Took me Almost my Entire Life to Learn

I hope you had a fantastic weekend! This weekend I finally got my bike out and was riding all over the city. What an adrenaline rush!

Many of you have opened up to me about recurring issues and feelings that keep popping up over and over again.

One issue I've heard about many times is that of your parents. Whether you love them, hate them, miss them, resent them or are bitter because of them - many people have issues with their parents.

I've had some intense conversations with some of you. And believe me, as the product of divorced parents (since I was 4 years old) I understand. And no, this isn't a cue for the violins whatsoever!

All I'm saying is that I understand.

In general, I believe there are two types of people: good bears and bad bears.

It's overly simplistic but everyone is nice sometimes, and everyone has their selfish and evil moments. But at a person's core you will either find a good bear or bad bear.

I truly believe that all of our parents are good bears and what's taken me almost a life time to realize is this: every parent loves you in their own way.

It sort of hit me like a flash as I was riding my bike over the Brooklyn Bridge this weekend.

If you truly believe this, and accept it, it can free you up from so much crap!

I think this applies to all sorts of people but especially our parents.

People who have an awesome relationship with both of their parents should feel extremely lucky. People who don't, try to remember: every parent loves you in their own way.

You may not agree with the way they love(d) you - but they love(d) you in their own way.

Accepting this, and believing it can free you up from so many negative emotions that will bring you down and, of course, make you want to bury those emotions with food.

Everyone loves you in their own way.


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