Stop Entertaining!

Tiger Woods at the Master's huh? Sorry. It's just fascinating to me.

Anyway, many people work in office environments where food is everywhere. They have stocked kitchens or coworkers who constantly bring in crap. Or, you might have the good ol' V Machine. Ya know, the vending machine.

Here's the thing: The moment you walk on over to the kitchen or to the table where the treats are or to the vending machine is the second you lose the game.

I don't mean stop entertaining your friends/family, of course. I mean stop entertaining the idea of "just looking" because "you're just curious"!

Why look?

Many times we eat junk because of the tension we have in our heads.

Let me explain: Our Dr. Jekyl wants to obey the Body Tutor and eat right and exercise. But our Mr. Hyde wants to eat anything and everything like it's going out of style. It wants to party like it's 1999!

The old, "I want this, I don't want this, I want this, I don't want this." The second you play that game it's over.

That game creates tension. It's uncomfortable to have to go back and forth like that. Our mind is loaded with enough pressure as it is.

Until, eventually, we can't take it anymore! We just eat the damn junk so we don't have to listen to ourselves anymore. We drive ourselves crazy! And when we give in, our mind finally quiets down.

You know how in the movies the talking gets louder and faster and louder and faster until eventually the character blows up? That's sorta what goes on with our brains.

What I'm saying is that you might not even really want what you're battling over in your head. You're giving in to ease the tension.

So here's your take away: Stop entertaining yourself by seeing what's in the kitchen or in the vending machine. Walk the other way. Don't go in there.

It'll make your life a lot more comfortable. Because the only time we feel deprived is when we *think* we're facing a worthy temptation...and say no.

Oh and about Tiger...The second he went to Vegas he lost - because deep down we all know ourselves.

In case you're interested, here's a blog post I wrote about Tiger a little while ago.

Just don't do it.


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