Consistency Manifesto

Some of you will say things like, "This program sounds amazing, but next Monday I'm going to start exercising," or, "Tomorrow I'm going to start eating healthy..." or "After the holidays, I'll get back on track..."

Our clients used to say these things too, until they looked in the mirror 6 months later and realized saying these things got them nowhere. They were still staring at the same face—and the same weight—as 6 months ago.

Here at MyBodyTutor, we have a lot of evidence. Hundreds of clients. Thousands more who didn't end up signing up for our coaching and accountability program.

Guess what's the number one difference between our clients and the people who didn't end up signing up?

It's also the secret to losing weight and keeping it off that we're about to share with you.

Anyone can do anything ONCE. But most people don't follow through, and everyone struggles with consistency.

The secret to long-term weight loss and the body of your dreams is doing the same healthy things over and over again. It's so important that we call it Consistency, with a capital C.

Now you know how MyBodyTutor works!

Consistency is the core of our business, and we're the the first and only service of our kind to offer daily and personal accountability, daily support and daily feedback.

Why MyBodyTutor

Don't you think if you could "just eat healthfully and exercise" consistently that you would?

If consistency were so easy, we'd all do it. (And we'd all be in great shape!)

There's a huge difference between knowing what to do, and actually doing it.

MyBodyTutor guarantees consistency with this "patented" formula*

Deep expertise on diet, nutrition and fitness science AND psychology
Fully customized individual diet and fitness plan
Daily accountability and support for you to follow your plan
Daily feedback on your progress and goals
Insane service and client love. (Read some of our testimonials here.)

*Just kidding we haven't patented this, and we won't need to.

The real reason MyBodyTutor is so unique is because we're the only ones crazy-committed enough to offer one-on-one fitness coaching where we are just as accountable to your success as you are. No overnight diet pills here.

Success—and the body of your dreams—are the natural outcomes of our clients' unrivaled consistency, which they develop through our program of daily accountability, support, and feedback.

Nothing beats having an expert who is 100% committed to your Consistency and success from start to finish (and now we've even got a Lifetime Maintenance Plan to make sure you enjoy the Body of your Dreams for life.)

Your expert Body Tutor is the friend who's always supporting you, the coach who's holding you accountable, and the expert who's giving you personalized, detailed feedback and critique along with encouragement to keep you honest, motivated, and on track.

And if you fall off track, we're right there with you to help you recover right away. Active recovery is a key part of consistency, and it makes all the difference.

2/3 of America is overweight because consistency is very, very hard. Our goal is to teach you how to use Consistency to finally shape the body and life of your dreams.

We make consistency doable. Dare I say, fun. And we have over 1000+ testimonials and success stories to prove it.

The most destructive thing smart people do is spend their lives waiting. What exactly are you waiting for?

There will always be another reason to wait.

"The program sounds incredible!"

"This is exactly what I need!"

"I love the idea of daily and personal accountability!" but...

But what?

Spoiler Alert: The stars never align!

We know that consistency is intimidating (that's why so many people struggle with it). We know that even something as great as getting the body of your dreams can be intimidating. "What if that's not possible for me?"

We also know there's nothing we can say on this website that will be as convincing as trying MyBodyTutor—and experiencing the benefits of consistency firsthand.

We want you to have a shot at getting the body and life of your dreams. So, we're removing all of the risk for you with our insane full money-back guarantee. We’ve made joining a no-brainer. Try it one month risk-free. Results are guaranteed. If you don’t get results within 30 days we’ll refund you.

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